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Careers in Sports

You donít have to be an outstanding athlete to start a career in sports. If you are crazy about it and would like to make a career out of it, consider any of the below jobs. All you need is enthusiasm and devotion and success will be yours.

Referee or Judge
A considerable amount of objectivity and self control is required here. If you know how to control your emotions and able to be unbiased then go ahead and start refereeing your favorite game.

If you canít stop talking and screaming during a game then this is a good sign that you should work as a commenter.

Sports Journalist
How about covering events for your favorite sport? Interviewing the players, finding out the latest news and writing articles.

You may not be able to coach your favorite team (not impossible) but you can still coach small clubs or college teams.

Personal Trainer
You need to be really fit to do this. A very high paying job by the way.

Sports Agent
Be a reprehensive of a club or an individual athlete. It is actually a public relations job but you are still in the sports business.

Sports Teacher
If none of the above sounds realistic to you, why not work as a sports teacher in a school?

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