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Careers For People Who Like To Travel

So you like travel? Who doesn't? Guess what: you can also make a career out of it as well. The travel industry has a variety of exciting careers well suited for people who like to stay on the move. If you are that kind of person, take a look at the options listed below.

Travel Blogger
Probably the coolest job in the world. Travel blogger is person who travels around the world, spending vacation in the most luxurious hotels in exchange for feedback. Travel agencies employ travel bloggers to rate the hotels and places they promote. They will pay for all your expenses. You just need to have the most fun you could possibly get from every place you visit. Of course, you need to take a lot of photos, videos and write a lot about your journey. If this is what you do for a living, you will most likely spend your yearly vacation at home!

Tour Guide
You don't need a degree in history or geography to be a tour guide. Anybody can do it. A little bit of communication and leading skills are required. Every day will be a picnic to you. How do you like that?

Flight Attendant
Visit a new country every day and get a chance to meet interesting people from around the globe. Not only that, flight attendants have a relatively lower working hours per week compared to other jobs. Hard work is required of course but excitement is guaranteed.

Cruise Attendant
If the flight attendant job didn't appeal to you, then this one might. You will be safely on ground (actually in the water) and you won't have to work in tight places.

One of the most prestigious jobs out there that don't require a college degree. A very well paid one as well.

Waterslide Designer
Travel to water parks all around the world to build crazy waterslides. A degree in engineering may be required but what an awesome job nonetheless. You will be the first to try each waterslide, so design carefully!

Journalist/News Reporter
Fairly known to most people. International reporters are in constant move from one place to another to cover the latest events. If you think that's dangerous don't worry, there are plenty of topics to cover other than politics and conflicts: sports, technology, art etc…

Travel with diplomatic missions to many countries. A critical job but a simple one. Your working hours will be limited to that of your superiors, which is usually very little. The travel part is there so no complains.

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