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Top Ten Coolest Jobs Ever

You think you have an interesting job? Think again.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a job that does not force you out of bed every morning? Well there is. The jobs listed below are probably the coolest in the world. They will not only make you wake up on time, you will most likely report earlier to work, return home late and work extra hours at no extra charge.

The problem with most of these jobs is that they are not among the best paying jobs, but if that is what you do for a living then money might not be that important to you anyway. Also, jobs like these are not really the kind of jobs you find in your local classifieds newspaper, so getting them is not that easy.

Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Video Games Tester
Nobody can resist this one. Your task is to play video games all day and find bugs or suggest improvements in the game. The employer is literally paying you to play! If your boss ever catches you doing some actual work you will be confronted with the classic question: "Did I hire to work or play?" when your answer is not that obvious!

2. Travel Blogger
Probably the most interesting as well. Your job is go to unique and exotic places and provide a summary of the things you have seen and experienced. Tourism companies and websites will actually pay you for your travels. If this is what you do for a living then you will most probably spend your annual vacation at home!!

3. Chocolate Tester
Sweet Job! Your task is to eat all different kinds of chocolate and rate them. Amazing job if you really love chocolates and don't want to do anything else. Not recommended for people on diet or care for their appearance.

4. Movie Critic
Fairly known to everybody. You watch movies all day and rate them. Nice and simple. Popcorn, nachos and drinks are company provided and unlimited. People with this job most likely don't have a TV set in their homes.

5. Water Slide Tester
One of the favorites. Basically, what you do is water slide all day and see how much fun the different slides generate! Your job is to rate the water slides in terms of fun and safety. Excellent job especially for water lovers. No shortage of applicants for this one but not really sure of the qualifications.

6. Restaurant/Food Critic
Perfect job for food lovers. Your task is to dine in the city's classiest restaurants and report your findings in terms of food quality and service. Not only you will be eating for free, but you can also forget about those annoying family dinner gatherings.

7. Bed Tester
The dream job for lazy people. Your task is to lie down and sleep on different mattresses and beds to tell which is the most conformable. You are actually getting paid to relax and unwind. It is not really a problem if your boss catches you sleeping!! You might even get a bonus.

8. Hotel Bed Warmer
This is not a joke. Recently a hotel in London offered a unique service to its guests by which one their staff will lie down on the bed for five minutes to warm it up before the guest goes to his/her room.

9. Luxury Car Tester
Somebody has to test these fancy cars before shipping and that could be you! Your task is to take luxury cars on test drives. If the company policy allows you to drive the car on the city roads, then giving the wrong impression is just perfect.

10. Skydiving Trainer
Not for the faint hearted but awesome job nonetheless. Getting paid for jumping at 10,000 ft while others have pay for it is not bad at all.

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