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Dealing With Weekend Depression

If you are one of those people who feel depressed and blue on weekend afternoon (Sunday or Saturday depending on where you live) and then on the first working/studying day of the week, then the below tips might help solve your problem.

1) Get Things Done:
On your weekend day (Sunday), do things that you are supposed to do throughout the week. For example: do your laundry, clean your house/room, pay your bills, plan your week etc… By doing so, first you are occupying your weekend time; second you are improving your mood by giving yourself the impression that you have no duties on week days after work/school, which improves your mood throughout the week.

2) Plan Something Exciting on First Day of the Week:
It can be a movie, a party, a gathering or almost anything you would love to do. Planning something exciting on the first day of the week gives the feeling that the weekend is still not over. It eliminates first day of the week depression.

3) Keep Fun Late on Weekend Day:
If possible, keep the fun things till late afternoon on the weekend day. If you have too much fun much early in the day, your anxiety will rise in the afternoon. It has been proven that the inner joy feeling ahead of a fun activity can equal or sometimes exceed that of actually doing the activity. As an example, consider you going to a vacation next week. Just the idea of going to a vacation makes your whole current week exciting.

4) Do Some Work on Your Weekend:
Get a head start to your busy week by doing some work related activities: check your mail, prepare your to do list, organize your calendar, plan things etc… Just the feeling that everything is organized, planned and clear in your head eases your mind and reduces your anxiety. It gives a feeling of assurance and security.

5) Sports:
Do some sports on your weekend afternoon. Sports can be an excellent way to get rid of anxiety issues not to mention that is good to your health. Outdoor sports are preferable. It can be even better to do a group sport activity. For example, instead of running in the park, gather for a basketball game. It is also more fun.

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