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Industries With High Income Potential

If you care so much for money and looking for an opportunity to make vast sums of cash in record time, then the below industries provide you with the best chances to do so. It is absolutely not guaranteed that you will get rich, but working in any of these domains may earn you a very high salary in a relatively short time or give you a chance to start your own profitable business. Of course, you still need to be good at what you do to climb the ladder quickly or have some entrepreneurial skills to do something on your own. The nature of these industries makes it a little bit easier than others to start a profitable business, so consider it seriously if you are still a student or if you are planning a career switch. In no particular order:

Information Technology

Information technology presented more billionaires than any other industry in the last 15 years. The fast advancement in technology and huge demand made it easier than ever to start a successful business. Also the global spread of the internet opened markets in ways that were not possible before. The low setup costs made it possible to launch low risk businesses in record times with minimal budgets. Very high entrepreneurial opportunities here but not the best salaries.


Makes sense. If you work with money then you have a good idea how handle it properly. The entrepreneurial chances here are less than that of Information Technology, but it offers the fastest possible path to high salaries. If you work in the banking sector, it is more difficult to start up a business because funding is a very important factor here, buy if you do manage, success is doomed.

Applied Mathematics:

Not so appealing for many, but these jobs have the potential to earn large sums of cash. The most notable applications of math are in insurance, banking, statistics and information security. The role in the first two involves deriving business critial formulas that will eventually determine the loss or profit of the company, which is a very important role. Banks and insurance companies will pay whatever it takes to make the people behind the formulas happy. In statistics, the role is to analyze and understand data to predict trends. Predicting future trends worth a lot and determines the future strategy of the company. While in information security, the role is to derive complex algorithms to protect highly classified information. All of these roles are critical and very important and the salaries can be really high.


There is an ongoing global quest to find better and more efficient energy sources. Even the slightest improvement will have a large scale impact. Governments and companies will do whatever it takes to land top energy talents and will make sure they are happy. If you happen to work in this domain or contemplating a career there, there is a big chance that you will be paid a very high salary. Starting an own business is also a very possible.


A very rich field with numerous opportunities. It is also the most exciting among all mentioned here. Large corporations will spend millions to boost their sales. With a proven record track, salaries can easily go out of the roof. Compared to other industries mentioned here, marketers have the best chances to launch a successful business. They understand the market and have an intuition for what works and what doesn’t. They can even a sell a bad product by marketing it well.

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