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Hobbies That Make Great Careers

So you are looking for something exciting to do for a living. Something that gets you out of bed even before your wake up time. Something that makes everyday a joy and a pleasure to you. Well, how about turning what you love to do into a career? Each one of us has a hobby. Something we can do forever without getting tired of. Most hobbies have the potential to be transformed into income generators if you understand the possibilities correctly. Listed below is a list of hobbies that have the potential to earn money. If your hobby is not listed there, don't despair: unless you are the only one in the world finding it fun, there has to be a way to monetize it. Millions of people around the world are doing what they love for a living and you could be one of them. See the examples below and get inspired.

If you like doing tricks to others then you may well earn from it. You can become a street performer, teach novice people how to do magic tricks or write a manual or eBook about magic tricks and sell it. If you are really good, you can perform in front of large audiences and earn big sums of cash.

Cake Decoration
Everybody loves cakes and there are a lot of possibilities here: work in the pastry section of a restaurant, work in a bake shop, work in multinational chains like Starbucks or Tim Hortens, open your own cake shop, decorate cakes for weddings and special occasions or teach others how to decorate cakes themselves. Did you imagine that a small hobby like cake decoration can have such a wide variety of career options?

Who doesn't like to play games! But if you consider yourself a serious gamer then consider doing any of the following: become a professional video-gamer and compete in tournaments to win cash, work for a gaming company as a video game tester, create your own games, start a gaming website, compete in board and puzzle competitions, compose puzzles and games for magazines and websites. All of these careers can pay you really well. Games and Puzzles are big business so why not be part of the game?

If music is your thing then do any of the following: be part of an orchestra, be part of a local band, join the armed forces as part of the marching band, become a DJ, teach music to children, work as music CD sales person or be part of the wedding planning team.

Not technically a hobby, just something we all enjoy. You can work as a travel reporter which means travel agencies will pay you to travel and rate hotels and places. Simply they are paying you to have fun! You can work in the airline industry as an air hostess or a pilot. You may also work as a tour guide.

A very common hobby that can be easily transformed into a career. Consider being: a portfolio photographer, work in as a photographer in a news agency, work in a modeling agency, sell your photos online and many more.

Be a movie critic, write for movie review blogs, write for movie review magazines, start an acting career.

A lot of people enjoy planting and working with soil in their hands. If you like gardening consider being: a fruit grower, a flowers shop seller or a landscape designer.

People collect a wide variety of stuff: coins, currency notes, stamps, magazines etc…What can you do with this hobby? Sell collectables to others collectors, sell collectables to normal people, and organize auctions and galleries.

You like to write? You have the skills? The possibilities are endless: write books and sell, work for a publishing company, be an editor, start a blog or write for other blogs etc…

If you must be around engines and specifically behind the wheel then any of the following jobs suits you well: bus driver, taxi driver, tour driver, golf cart driver or driving teacher.

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