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Top Ten Job Hunting Mistakes

Ignoring printed media
The internet is taking over gradually but the papers aren't going anywhere soon. Newspapers are still a good way to search for jobs. It is still the most trusted medium and many prefer it. Make sure you check the local newspaper on a regular basis.
Ignoring social media sites
Social media sites are now a great way to discover new opportunities especially business targeted ones like LinkedIn. Communicate with people in your field and expand your network. You never know when the opportunity will rise.
Spending Too Much Time on Job Sites
The problem with job sites is that the competition is overwhelming. The ratio could easily be 250 to 300 applicants per job in some countries. You can imagine the odds of your CV being considered. You can be highly qualified but still your turn will not come. Job sites are best used to register your CV so it will appear in "Employee Resume Search" where employers search for candidates without posting a particular vacancy. Having said that, it doesn't hurt applying casually for jobs on weekly basis.
Ignoring Small Job Sites
It is true that a small job site will have fewer jobs to offer but don't forget that they also attract a smaller number of applicants. It is a ratio game and there is no harm in taking a shot at the smaller sites as well. Also, many employers prefer small sites because they charge less.
Searching for a job instead of a career
You need a job and you want it fast but you have to maintain some cool nerves and think strategically. Don't be hasty and accept job offers that are not best suited for you or that are away from your field of expertise. Specialization pays on the long run. When you do what you do best you get better salaries and you will be enjoying it. At times you may consider a less paying job but one that you like to do. Money is not everything in life.
Not being focused
Focus your search on jobs that are tightly related to your experience and education. You can expand the circle gradually but not too much. Don't waste your time by applying to a very wide range of jobs especially unrelated ones. It is a waste of time for you as well as for the employers.
Relying on recruitment agencies only
The biggest mistake many people commit. Not only the volume of applicants is big but also there is no guarantee that they will hook you up with a job even when you pay them. It is not wrong to submit your CV to recruitment agencies, but not to do anything else is just insane.
Not approaching companies directly
Not all job openings are published directly. Many companies out there ask their staff first or consider promotions. Mailing, Emailing or Faxing you CV to companies directly is a very good way of having your resume considered before the vacancy is published. Don't spam or send an annoying volume of emails. Be honest, clear and direct to the point. Make sure you address the HR department or the one that you will most likely work for.
Being Unprofessional
Dancing mobile greeting tunes, funky email addresses, informal language, blank email with only attachment, not including a cover letter, lengthy or PDF cover letters are some of the things that can turn employers away from you.
Turning down offers prematurely
There are a lot of misconceptions in the employment field that lead to incorrectly turning down good job offers. For example: big companies pay more, working in a particular industry is bad, workload or timings etc... You need to assess each job offer independently and wisely.

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