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Job Satisfaction Survey - All Factors - (all jobs) [Industry: Pet Care]

About This Report
The data in this report are collected from the Rate Your Job form. People rate their jobs on scale one to five where one is worst and five is best.


Rating (all jobs) [Industry: Pet Care]

 All Factors 
The rating (all jobs) [Industry: Pet Care] is 2.46


There are ten criteria by which users rate their jobs. The table below shows how each individual category is rated and the average is calculated at the end. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Salary Are you paid fairly?2.16
Bonus/Raises Do you get regular bonuses / raises?2.05
Pomotions Do you get promoted easily?2.26
Work Load Are you overloaded with tasks all the time?2.21
Working Hours Do you have long working hours?2.42
Stress Do you feel stressed in your job?2.16
Competition Do you face a lot of scompetition?2.63
Fun Factor How much do you enjoy your job?3.05
Difficulty How difficult is your job?2.95
Job Demand How hard is it to find a job in your field?2.68
All Combined Average of all the above2.46

Men VS Women

 All Factors 
Who is more happy at their jobs: Males or Females? We calculated the satisfaction rate per gender and displayed the result in the table below. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.


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