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Least Stressful Jobs / Job Stress Report - in Legal [Industry: Banking ]

About This Report
The data in this report are collected from the Rate Your Job form. People rate their jobs on scale one to five where one is worst and five is best.


Stress Index in Legal [Industry: Banking ]

The stress index in Legal [Industry: Banking ] is 2.08

All Jobs VS Legal

All Jobs2.45

Stress Comparison by Job Category

Some job categories can be more stressful than others. The table below compares how people in different domains rate the stress level in their jobs. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job CategoryRating
Human Resources2.74
Business Planning2.62
Information Technology2.55
Accounting and Finance2.5
Executive and Management2.48
Quality Control and Compliance2.43
Administration / Reception / Secretarial2.42
Sales Retail and Wholesale2.36
Customer Service and Call Center2.3

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