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Most Boring Jobs - (all jobs)

About This Report
The data in this report are collected from the Rate Your Job form. People rate their jobs on scale one to five where one is worst and five is best.


Fun Index (all jobs)

The fun index (all jobs) is 3.11

Most Boring Industries

Working in some industries can be more fun than others. The table below compares fun rate per industry as submitted by our users. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Courier / Shipping / Delivery2.9
Cleaning / Housekeeping / Waste Management2.91
Telecommunications / Information Media2.95
Banking 2.97
Pet Care3
Accounting / Finance / Auditing Services3
Construction / Installation / Facilities / Maintenance3.02
Government / Military / Defence3.02
Security / Surveillance / Law Enforcement / Fire3.03
Electricity / Gas / Water 3.03
Administrative / Management / Consulting / Support Services3.04
Public Administration / Environmental / Safety3.05
Automotive 3.06
Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research 3.06
Insurance 3.07
Legal Services 3.08
Storage / Warehousing3.08
Food / Beverage Production 3.1
Petroleum / Energy / Oil and Gas / Chemicals3.1
Real Estate and Property Management 3.1
Information Technology / Information Systems 3.11
Metals / Minerals / Steel / Iron 3.11
Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery 3.12
Manufacturing and Factory3.12
Import / Export / Wholesale Trade3.13
Travel / Transportation3.13
Healthcare / Medical / Care Giving3.14
Business Services 3.15
Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing / Dairy / Gardening3.15
Retail 3.15
Electronics and Electronics Trades3.15
Engineering and Architectural3.16
Hospitality / Hotels / Tourism / Catering3.17
Office Automation / Equipment - Stationery 3.19
Recruitment and Employment3.23
Education / Training / Teaching / Child Care3.23
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace 3.24
Accessories / Fashion / Clothing / Jewellery3.26
Scientific and Technical Services3.28
Advertising / Marketing / Grapic Design / Public Relations3.3
Nonprofit Organizations and Fundraising3.3
Media / Publishing / Printing / Broadcasting3.32
Rental Services 3.37
Recreation and Sports3.4
Personal and Household Services 3.41
Beauty / Fitness / Hair3.42
Entertainment / Music / Film / Arts3.45
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Fun Comparison by Company Size

Is it more exciting to work at a bigger company than a smaller one? Listed below is the fun comparison based purly on company size. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Company SizeRating
Less Than 20 Employees3.14
Less Than 50 Employees3.15
Less Than 100 Employees3.11
Less Than 250 Employees3.13
Less Than 500 Employees3.12
Less Than 1000 Employees3.1
Less Than 5000 Employees3.08
Less Than 10000 Employees3.09
More Than 10000 Employees3.08

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Most Boring Jobs

Listed below are the most boring jobs based on the answers submitted by our users. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job TitleRating
Process Controller1.6
Personal Banker1.86
Financial Applications Specialist2.17
Radiologic Technologist2.2
Assembly Foreman2.33
Loan Clerk2.4
Accounts Executive2.4
Pricing Assistant2.4
Tendering Manager2.4
Taxi Driver2.4
Data Architect2.4
Import Customs Specialist2.4
Records Clerk2.42
Six Sigma Black Belt2.43
Purchasing Engineer2.43
Accounts Manager2.47
Security Officer2.48
Senior Project Manager3
Branch Manager Assistant2.5
Call Centre Representative2.5
Software Sales2.5
Senior Associate2.5
Production Manager2.53
Call Center Representative2.53
Delivery Driver2.56
Auditor ( external )2.56
Materials Planner2.57
Fraud Detection Associate2.57
NDT Technician2.57
Maintenance Electrician2.58
Bus Driver2.6
Senior Consultant2.6
Expatriate Administration Manager2.6
Quality Assurance Manager2.6
Petroleum Engineer 2.6
Customer Care Representative2.6
Sales Admin Executive2.6
Train Driver2.6
CNC Programmer2.6
Army Officer2.6
Compliance Specialist2.61
Loan Processor2.62
Junior Staff Accountant2.63
Loan Team Leader2.64
Automotive Parts Supplier2.64
Process Technician2.65
Senior Administrator2.65
Senior Service Engineer2.67
Management Accountant2.67
Freight forwarder2.67
Environmental Engineer2.67
Regulatory Affairs Specialist2.67
Radiation Therapist2.67
Inspection Supervisor2.67
Keyboard and Data Entry Operators2.67
Credit and Loans Officers2.67
Waste Management Manager2.67
Inventory Control Clerk2.68
Food Server2.69
Customer Service Representative2.69
Customer Service Advisor2.7
Direct Sales2.7
Secretary ( Management Support )2.7
Regional Manager2.7
Technical Writer2.7
Secretary ( Legal )2.71
Sales Support2.71
Claims Processor2.71
Network Security Systems Manager2.71
Credit And Collection Staff2.71
Documentation Specialist2.71
Warehouse Supervisor2.71
Payment Processing Clerk2.71
Customer Service Officer2.71
Loan Area Manager2.71
Finance President2.71
CRM Application Administrator2.71
Assistant Manager2.72
Environmental Specialist2.73
Laboratory Technician2.73
Claims Manager2.73
Planning Engineer2.74
Primary School Teacher2.75
Operations Assistant2.75
Planning Assistant2.75
Client Service Representative2.75
Painters and Decorators2.75
Environmental Scientist2.75
Construction Estimator2.76
Field Service Technician2.76
Construction Coordinator2.76
Customer Service Executive2.78
Technical Draughtsman2.79
Assistant Manager / Estimator2.79
Computer Operator2.79
Assembly Engineering Technician2.79
Personal Assistant2.79
Quality Control Engineer2.79
Executive Human Capital Management2.79
Service Manager2.79
Accounting Clerk2.79
Digital Marketing Strategist 2.8
Payroll Supervisor2.8
Housekeeping Supervisor2.8
Loan Business Development Officer2.8
Demand Planning Manager2.8
Tax Manager2.8
Copy Writing2.8
Environmental Coordinator2.8
Customer Service Managers2.8
Insurance Agent2.8
Employee Relations Manager2.8
Senior Pharmaceutical Process Engineer2.8
Credit and Collections Manager2.8
Beverage Manager2.8
Senior Operations Executive2.8
Autocad Operator2.8
Administrative Assistant2.81
Telecommunications Analyst2.81
Accounts Executive2.81
Technical Engineer2.81
Art Teacher2.82
Biology Teacher2.82
Logistics Clerk2.82
NT Systems Administrator2.82
Sales Support Manager2.82
Export Administrator2.82
Data Analyst2.82
Help Desk Support2.82
Chief Information Security Officer2.82
Purchasing Assistant2.83
Safety Engineer2.83
Staff Nurse2.83
Business Development Specialist2.83
Credit Risk Analyst2.83
Debtors Clerk2.83
Lifeguard / Swim Instructors2.83
Production Engineer2.83
Cafeteria Manager2.83
Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist2.83
Equipment Engineer2.84
Communications Specialist2.84
Real Estate Agent2.85
Front Office Manager2.85
Payroll Clerks2.85
Marketing Analyst2.85
Deputy General Manager2.85
Import Logistics Specialist2.85
Sales Executive2.85
Manufacturing Engineer2.86
General Manager Corporate Services2.86
Kitchen Manager2.86
Accounts Receivable Clerk2.86
Budget Analyst2.86
Senior Architectural Technologist2.86
Database Analyst2.86
Electrical Engineering Supervisor2.87
Legal Assistant2.87
Computer Teacher2.87
Regional Property Operations Manager2.88
Financial Assistant2.88
Solution Architect2.88
Business Support Analyst2.88
Capacity Planner3.56
Materials Management Supervisor2.88
Food Service Sales2.88
Project Engineer2.88
Security Guard2.88
Quality Control Analyst2.88
Clerk ( Registry and Filing )2.89
Operations Analyst2.89
Clerk ( Inquiry and Admissions )2.89
Automotive Project Engineer2.89
Clinical Data Manager2.89
Project Coordinator2.89
Cash Management Manager2.89
Product Manager2.89
Financial Analysis Manager2.89
Project Manager2.9
Assistant Director2.9
Administrative Director2.9
Production Engineer2.9
Business Development Associate2.9
Business Development2.9
Accounts Payable Clerk2.9
Compensation Analyst2.9
HRIS Supervisor2.91
Sales Assistant2.91
Drilling Engineer2.92
Instrumentation Engineer2.92
VB Developer2.92
Mine Engineer2.92
Business Process Consultant2.92
Professor - English2.92
Site engineer2.92
Pipeline Technician2.92
Reservations Sales Agent2.92
Financial Accountant2.92
Systems Analyst2.92
Quality Specialist2.93
Residential Property Manager2.93
Customer Service Trainer2.93
Relationship Manager2.93
Software Support Engineer2.93
Senior Accountant2.93
Facilities Manager2.94
English Teacher2.94
Business Analyst2.94
Accounting Assistant2.94
Office Coordinator2.94
Quality Assurance Manager2.95
General Medical Practitioner2.95
Organizational Development Consultant2.95
Production Supervisor2.95
Financial Analyst2.95
Key Account Manager2.95
Business Systems Analyst2.95
Secretary ( CEO )2.95
Chief Accountant2.96
Security Analyst2.96
Manufacturing Engineer2.97
Insurance Analyst2.97
Internal Compliance Officer2.98
Executive Assistant2.98
Financial Assistant2.98
Chartered Accountant2.98
HVAC Engineering2.98
Quality Assurance Engineer2.99
Sales Representative2.99
Mechanical Engineer2.99
Assistant Property Manager3
Affiliate Manager3
Professor - Mechanical Engineering3
Risk Management Supervisor3
Call Center Quality Analyst3
Secretary ( Bi-Lingual )3
Construction Assistant3
Senior Buyer3
Laboratory Analyst3
Maintenance Technician3
Employment Services Coordinator3
Business Analyst3
Database Report Writer3
Mine Engineer3
Associate Analyst3
Corporate Treasurers3
Legal Advisor3
Field Engineering Manager3
Clinical Pharmacist3
Assistant Chief Engineer3
Business Analyst3
Environmental Engineer3
Oil and Petrochemical Engineer3
Truck Driver3
HRIS Analyst3
International Banking Manager3
Marketing Coordinator3
Senior Marketing Consultant3
Room Reservations Manager3
Lab Technician3
Production Engineering Supervisor3
Claims Supervisor3
Senior Architectural Technician3
Assembly Supervisor3
eMarketing Manager3
Enterprise Infrastructure Manager3
Corporate Director Of Human Resources3
Technical Manager3
Physician - Generalist3
General Laborer3
Auditing Manager3
Electrical Engineering Manager3
CAD Drafter3
Insurance Underwriter3
Supply Chain Analyst3
Help Desk Support Assistant3
Commercial Real Estate Manager3
Account Executive3
Data Warehousing Specialist3
Civil Engineer3
Payroll Supervisor3
Inventory Control Manager3
Test Development Engineer3
Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology3
Student Services3
Client Liaison Officer3
Maintenance Supervisor3
Principal Cost Engineer3
Campaign Manager3
Supervisor of Food Services3
Human Resources Section Head3
Testing Technician3
Legal Assistant3
Investment Analyst3
Client Services Manager3
Employee Services Manager3
Employee Development Specialist3
Legal Officer3
Accounting Manager3.01
Industrial Engineer3.01
Process Engineer3.02
Branch Manager3.02
Project Manager3.02
Manufacturing Engineer3.03
Risk Manager3.03
Electrical Engineering Manager3.03
IT Support3.03
Telecommunications Engineer3.03
Quality Improvement Coordinator3.04
SAP Consultant3.04
Laboratory Technician3.04
HR Generalist3.04
Architectural Drafter3.04
Accounts Payable and Receivable Specialist3.05
Assistant Accounting Manager3.05
Risk Analyst3.05
Power Plant Operations Manager3.05
Construction Supervisor3.05
Network Technician3.05
Team Leader3.06
Fund Accountant3.06
Assistant Retail Store Manager3.06
ERP / CRM - Technical Consultant3.06
Help Desk Manager3.06
Document Controller3.06
Web Designer3.07
Field Service Manager3.07
Quantity Surveyors3.07
Customer Service Team Leader3.07
Medical Administrator3.07
Senior Sales Executive3.07
Special Education Teacher3.07
Product Engineer3.07
Information Services Consultant3.07
Assembly Supervisor3.08
Auditing Manager3.08
Electronics Technician3.08
Risk Analyst3.08
Electrical Engineer3.08
Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) Programmer3.08
Area Sales Manager3.08
Nurse Midwife3.08
Technical Sales3.09
Project Leader3.09
Web Developer3.09
Senior Oracle Developer3.09
Architectural Manager3.09
Project Manager3.09
Nursery Teacher3.09
Program Manager3.09
Linux Administrator3.1
Area Manager3.1
Operations Analyst3.1
ERP Analyst3.1
Cost Accounting Manager3.1
Logistic Coordinator3.1
Sharepoint Developer3.1
Delivery Manager3.1
Private Banker3.1
Design Engineer3.1
Quality Control Supervisor3.1
General Maintenance Worker3.1
Recruitment Officer3.11
Materials Engineer3.11
Marketing Executive3.11
Facilities / Project Manager3.11
Project Manager3.11
Petroleum Geologist3.11
Financial Dealer and Broker3.11
Professor - Business Administration3.11
Government Affairs Director3.11
Zone Manager3.11
Procurement Administrator3.11
Direct Sales Representative3.11
Sales Consultant3.11
Aviation Technician3.11
Planning Director3.11
Sales Engineer3.11
Executive Personal Assistant3.11
Product Development3.12
Administrative Manager3.12
Relationship Manager3.12
Aviation Manager3.12
Store Keeper3.12
Project Coordinator3.12
Java Developer3.12
Equipment Engineer3.13
Dental Technician3.13
Auditor ( internal )3.13
Leasing Manager3.13
Database Developer3.13
Director of Communications3.13
Telecommunications Manager3.13
Maintenance Engineer3.13
Retail Store Sales Person3.13
Network Administrator3.13
Computer Technician3.13
Banking Operations Department Manager3.13
Production Manager3.14
Office Manager3.14
IT Administrator3.14
Senior Sales Engineer3.14
Water Treatment Superintendent3.14
Account Manager3.14
Fitter and Turner3.14
Sales and Marketing Assistant3.14
Pharmacy Manager3.14
Print Production Coordinator3.14
Technical Officer3.14
Corporate Sales Manager3.14
Administrative Director3.14
Account Manager3.14
Transportation / Shipping Supervisor3.15
Logistics Manager3.15
Human Resources Manager3.15
Finance Executive3.15
Branch Manager3.15
2nd Line Systems Engineer3.15
Project Manager3.16
Internal Auditor3.16
Applications Systems Specialist3.16
Assistant to CEO3.16
Graphic Designer3.16
Call Centre Manager3.16
C# Developer3.16
Technical Consultant3.16
Civil Engineer3.16
Electrical Service Technician3.17
E-Commerce Sales Manager3.17
Front Desk Agent3.17
Database Administration Manager3.17
Physician - Family Practice3.17
Professor - Psychology3.17
Restaurant Manager3.17
Internal Audit Manager3.17
Secretary ( Executive )3.17
Quality Assurance Engineering Manager3.17
Human Resources Assistant Manager3.17
Domestic Housekeepers3.17
Labor Relations Director3.17
Mechanical Engineering Manager3.17
Construction Manager3.17
Call Center Team Leader3.17
Financial Director3.17
Customer Service Manager3.17
Senior Application Consultant3.18
HVAC Mechanic3.18
Credit Analyst3.18
Project Engineer3.18
Market Research Manager3.18
Electrical Sales Engineer3.18
Events / Promotions Manager3.18
Service Delivery Manager3.18
Senior Field Service Engineer3.18
Engineering Technician3.18
IT Operations Manager3.18
Marketing Specialist3.18
Developer / Programmer (General)3.19
Marketing Assistant3.19
Electric and Gas Operations Manager3.19
Logistics Coordinator3.19
Payroll Administrator3.19
Electromechanical Technician3.19
Financial Manager3.19
IT Manager3.19
Automotive Sales3.19
Windows System Administrator3.19
Facilities Maintenance Manager3.19
Financial Controller3.19
Technical Manager3.2
Electrical Worker3.2
Investment Advisor3.2
Human Resources (HR) Officer3.2
Quality Manager3.2
Research Assistant3.2
Quality Control Manager3.2
Occupational Therapist3.2
Maintenance Fitter3.2
Market Development Manager3.2
Physician Assistant3.2
Branch Manager3.2
Mental Health Counselor3.2
Parole Officer3.2
Chef ( Buffet )3.2
Gas Supply Manager3.2
Project Director3.2
Design / Decoration Assistant3.2
Physician - Anesthesiology3.2
Dining Room Supervisor3.2
System Administrator3.2
Architectural Designer3.2
Quality Manager3.21
Human Resources Administrator3.21
Operations Manager3.21
Manufacturing Manager3.21
Transportation Engineer3.21
Credit Manager3.21
Chemistry Teacher3.21
Marketing Advisor3.21
Sales Manager3.21
Retail Store Manager3.22
Database Administrator3.22
Facilities Director3.22
Payroll Manager3.22
Sales Engineer3.22
Financial Adviser3.22
Art Director3.44
Retail Operations Manager3.22
Senior Insurance Underwriter3.22
Hair Stylist3.22
Field Engineer3.23
Industrial Engineer3.23
Recruiting Manager3.23
Quality Assurance Manager3.23
Hotel Service Supervisor3.23
Sales Manager3.23
Regional Sales Manager3.23
HRIS Manager3.24
Import / Export Manager3.24
Aircraft Mechanic3.24
Equipment Engineering Manager3.24
Director of Operations3.24
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)3.24
Area Manager3.24
Academic Advisor3.25
Marine Engineer3.25
Group Branch Manager3.25
Director of Application Development3.25
Technical Director3.25
Development Manager3.25
Physician - Cardiology3.25
Trade Marketing Manager3.25
Systems Consultant3.25
Software Engineer3.25
Business Consultant3.26
Travel Agent and Tour Guide3.26
Chef ( Executive )3.26
Construction Project Manager3.26
Network Engineer3.26
Distribution Manager3.27
Legal Services Manager3.27
VB.NET Developer3.27
C++ Developer3.27
Planning Director3.27
Quality Control Inspector3.27
Communications Officer3.27
Key Account Manager3.28
Assistant Operations Manager3.28
Production Executive3.28
Billing Specialist3.29
Civil Technician3.29
Regional Director of Operations3.29
Automotive Project Manager3.29
Corporate Director3.29
Professor - Electrical Engineering3.29
Reservoir Engineer3.29
Accounting Supervisor3.29
Product Marketing Manager3.29
Environmental Manager3.29
Sales Specialist3.29
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect3.29
Security Specialist3.3
Aerospace Engineer3.3
Supply Chain Manager3.3
Automotive Electrician3.3
Claims Adjuster3.3
Marketing Officer3.3
Category Manager3.3
Project Planner3.3
Spa Manager3.3
Organizational Development Manager3.3
General Manager3.3
Human Resources Associate3.3
ERP Project Manager3.3
Warehouse Manager3.3
Health and Safety Officer3.31
Team Leader3.31
Project Planner3.31
Brand Marketing3.31
Legal Consultant3.32
UNIX Administrator3.32
Marketing Manager3.32
Media Producer3.32
Purchasing Manager3.33
Deputy Director3.33
Program Director3.33
Clinical Research Associate3.33
Area Director3.33
Ramp Agents3.33
Fluids Engineer3.33
Aircraft Maintenance Manager3.33
Field Engineer - Construction3.33
Accounts Receivable Manager3.33
Associate Creative Director3.33
Head Coach3.33
Physician - Internal Medicine3.33
Network Analyst3.33
History Teacher3.33
Professor - Mathematics3.33
Flight Scheduler3.33
Car Parts and Accessories Fitters3.33
Interior Designer3.33
Communications Associate3.33
Network Specialist3.33
Art Director3.33
Project Manager3.34
Software Architect3.34
Purchasing Manager3.35
Service Advisor3.35
Country Manager3.35
IT Director3.35
Accounts Payable Manager3.36
PHP Developer3.36
Regional Director3.36
Maintenance Manager3.36
Laboratory Manager3.36
Content Writer3.36
Market Research Analyst3.37
Development Coordinator3.8
Physical Therapist3.38
Nurse Practitioner3.38
Patient Care Coordinator3.38
Goods Manufacturing Practices3.38
Corporate Sous Chef3.38
Technical Manager3.38
Chief Operating Officer3.38
Executive Director3.38
Government Affairs Representative3.38
Hotel Manager3.38
Police Patrol Officer3.38
Public Relations Specialist3.38
Multimedia Designer3.38
Senior Electrical Engineer3.39
Assistant Vice President3.4
Senior Technical Support Engineer3.4
Emergency Department Physician3.4
Mechanical Drafter3.4
Business Development Officer3.4
Account Director3.4
Cost Analyst3.4
Professor - Medicine3.4
Media Production Manager3.4
Contract Specialist3.4
Independent Sales Representitive3.4
Sales Trainer3.4
Aviation Safety Manager3.4
Physician - Hematology / Oncology3.4
Medical Billing Clerk3.4
Corporate Compliance Director3.4
Landscape Architect3.41
Management Consultant3.41
Veterinary Technician3.42
Compensation Manager3.42
Operations Supervisor3.42
Associate Director3.42
Media Planner3.42
Business Development Manager3.42
Public Relations Manager3.43
Billing Supervisor3.43
Network Engineering Manager3.43
Assistant Director3.43
Financial Reporting Consultant3.43
Highway Engineer3.43
Export Services Manager3.44
Enterprise Architecture Manager3.44
Vice President3.44
Fundraising Manager3.44
Flight Attendant3.44
Director of Facilities Management3.44
Geotechnical Engineer3.45
Product Development Engineer3.45
Assistant Manager3.45
Sales Support Manager3.45
Geography Teacher3.45
HSE Manager3.45
Benefits Administrator3.45
Biomedical Engineer3.47
Elementary School Teacher3.48
Dental Hygienist3.5
Child Care Worker3.5
Materials Scientist3.5
Physician - Radiology3.5
Advertising Manager3.5
Production Assistant3.5
Operations Director3.5
Security Manager3.5
Dental Assistant3.5
Regional Restaurant Manager3.5
Brand Manager3.5
Security Manager3.5
Rail Engineering3.5
IT Product Manager3.5
Mobile Developer3.5
Biomedical Engineering Technician3.5
Medical Assistant3.5
Visual Merchandiser3.5
Strategy Director3.5
Laboratory Manager3.5
Risk Management Director3.8
Professor - Computer Science3.5
Healthcare Data Analyst3.5
Chief Information Technology Officer3.52
Chief Executive Officer3.52
Police Officer3.53
Account Manager3.54
Project Control Manager3.54
Legal Services Director3.54
Head of School3.55
Assistant School Principal3.55
National Sales Manager3.55
Media Planner3.56
Environment Advisor3.57
Systems Architect3.57
Air Traffic Controllers3.57
Media Operations Manager3.57
Bakers and Pastrycooks3.57
Food Service Director3.57
Hostess / Host3.57
Land Surveyor3.57
Supervising Counselor3.57
Banquet Manager3.57
Branch Manager3.57
Cook ( Fine Dining )3.57
Employee Performance Specialist3.57
Managing Director3.6
Motel Manager3.6
Nursing Supervisor3.6
LPN Office Nurse3.6
Production Director3.6
Purchasing and Sales Executive3.6
Head Nurse3.6
Physician - Pathology3.6
Relationship Officer3.6
Research Engineer3.6
Medical Secretary3.6
Print Production Manager3.6
Quality Assurance Administrator3.6
Professor - Education3.6
Facade Engineer3.6
Sales Promotion Manager3.6
Building and Grounds Supervisor3.6
Aircraft Electrician3.6
Technical Analyst3.6
Foundation Director3.6
Print Production Manager3.6
Technical Trainer3.64
Director of Training Development3.64
Advertising Sales Director3.64
Massage Therapist3.67
Purchasing Manager3.67
Career Counselor3.67
Professor - Economics3.67
Environmental and Agricultural Scientists3.67
Business Intelligence Analyst3.7
Life Scientist3.7
Talent Acquisition Specialist3.7
Creative Director3.7
Public Relations Officer3.71
Child Care Teacher3.71
Event Marketing3.72
Exploration Manager3.75
Event Manager3.75
Fitness Instructors3.75
Medical Scientist3.78
Professor - Special Education3.8
Beauty Therapist3.8
Flash Developer3.8
Surgeon - Orthopedic3.8
IT Service Management Architect3.8
Work From Home3.8
Senior Creative Designer3.83
Production Technician3.83
Nursing Assistant3.83
Marketing Director3.83
Director of Graphic Design3.83
Sharepoint Consultant3.83
Ambulance Officers and Paramedics3.86
Training and Development Section Head3.86
3D Artist3.89
Head Concierge4
Chef ( Fine Dining Restaurant )4
Director of Catering Services4
E-Commerce Manager4
Professor - Foreign Languages4
SEO Manager4.2
Media Relations Specialist4.2
Activity Coordinator4.25
Cartoonist / Animator4.3
Dental Therapist4.4
Personal Trainer4.5
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Most Boring Job Categories

Some job categories can be more exciting than others. The table below compares how much people in different domains think their jobs are exciting. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

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