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Most Boring Jobs - in Administrative Assistant

About This Report
The data in this report are collected from the Rate Your Job form. People rate their jobs on scale one to five where one is worst and five is best.


Fun Index in Administrative Assistant

The fun index in Administrative Assistant is 2.81

Most Boring Industries

Working in some industries can be more fun than others. The table below compares fun rate per industry as submitted by our users. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Petroleum / Energy / Oil and Gas / Chemicals2.36
Government / Military / Defence2.5
Import / Export / Wholesale Trade2.5
Telecommunications / Information Media2.6
Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research 2.6
Manufacturing and Factory2.64
Education / Training / Teaching / Child Care2.65
Administrative / Management / Consulting / Support Services2.71
Automotive 2.8
Advertising / Marketing / Grapic Design / Public Relations2.8
Nonprofit Organizations and Fundraising2.8
Travel / Transportation2.8
Healthcare / Medical / Care Giving2.82
Hospitality / Hotels / Tourism / Catering2.9
Construction / Installation / Facilities / Maintenance3
Insurance 3
Engineering and Architectural3
Retail 3
Food / Beverage Production 3
Real Estate and Property Management 3
Accounting / Finance / Auditing Services3.12
Information Technology / Information Systems 3.17
Media / Publishing / Printing / Broadcasting3.8
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Fun Comparison by Company Size

Is it more exciting to work at a bigger company than a smaller one? Listed below is the fun comparison based purly on company size. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Company SizeRating
Less Than 20 Employees2.92
Less Than 50 Employees2.73
Less Than 100 Employees3
Less Than 250 Employees2.91
Less Than 500 Employees2.91
Less Than 1000 Employees2.65
Less Than 5000 Employees2.92
Less Than 10000 Employees2.4
More Than 10000 Employees2.25

All Jobs VS Administration / Reception / Secretarial VS Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant2.81
Administration / Reception / Secretarial2.88
All Jobs3.12

Most Boring Jobs

Listed below are the most boring jobs based on the answers submitted by our users. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job TitleRating
Secretary ( Legal )2.58
Keyboard and Data Entry Operators2.64
Planning Assistant2.75
Senior Administrator2.77
Personal Assistant2.81
Administrative Assistant2.81
Operations Analyst2.88
Secretary ( Management Support )2.88
Clerk ( Inquiry and Admissions )2.89
Secretary ( Bi-Lingual )2.91
Secretary ( CEO )2.95
Office Coordinator2.96
Executive Assistant2.99
Document Controller3
Clerk ( Registry and Filing )3
Executive Personal Assistant3.05
Administrative Manager3.12
Office Manager3.15
Secretary ( Executive )3.19
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Most Boring Job Categories

Some job categories can be more exciting than others. The table below compares how much people in different domains think their jobs are exciting. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job CategoryRating
Cleaning and Housekeeping2.82
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers2.85
Customer Service and Call Center2.86
Administration / Reception / Secretarial2.88
Real Estate2.99
Accounting and Finance2.99
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining3.01
Import and Export3.02
Factory and Manufacturing3.06
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire3.07
Quality Control and Compliance3.07
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology3.07
Purchasing and Inventory3.08
Construction / Building / Installation3.08
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair3.09
Electrical and Electronics Trades3.12
Sales Retail and Wholesale3.12
Information Technology3.14
Human Resources3.14
Government and Defence3.17
Health and Medical3.2
Business Planning3.2
Gardening / Farming / Fishing3.21
Independent Jobs3.21
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering3.25
Teaching / Education3.27
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management3.31
Publishing and Printing3.32
Executive and Management3.32
Public Relations3.37
Fashion and Apparel3.37
Science and Technical Services3.39
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense3.4
Pet Care3.45
Care Giving and Child Care3.48
Fitness / Hair / Beauty3.52
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment3.56
Recreation and Sports3.57
Fundraising and Non Profit3.58
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