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Careers For People Who Like To Be Outdoors

So you hate working in an office. You donít like to see walls and you like to smell fresh air all the time! No problem, listed below is a compilation of outdoor jobs that might be of an interest to you. Most of these jobs bare a physical aspect but it is assumed that you are that type of person already.

Drive a bus, taxi, limousine or golf cart. Whatever you plan to drive, you will be outdoor for sure. The thing I like the most about driving jobs is that if you arrive late to one place, you almost always have an excuse: traffic.

Delivery Boy or Girl
Not a high profile job but suits many people out there especially those who donít like to be confined to one place.

This one goes for those who are still pondering what to major in. If you are the outdoor type, consider this one.

Marine Biologist
Same as geologist but under the water.

Zoo Keeper
If you like animals, this one goes for you.

Traffic Controller
If you have no skills at all and still want to work outdoors, consider being a traffic controller. But watch out, once they install that new traffic light, your job will be in danger.

Patrol Officer
Not an easy one to get but an awesome nonetheless. Very well suited for those who like to feel powerful and in control.

Swimming Instructor
Swimming has outdoor written all over it but you still need to be a good swimmer yourself. How difficult can that be!? Not much I think.

Skydiving Coach
It canít get anymore outdoor than this! Not for the faint hearted.

Field Engineer
Be careful, engineering may wrongfully lead you back to office. You need to carefully plan your education and your career path later. Make sure to stay away from anything that has to do with designs.

Whatís more relaxing than working in the garden with all the flowers, fruits and vegetables?

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