Salary Survey in Malaysia for Construction / Building / Installation

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Average Monthly Salary in Malaysia for Construction / Building / Installation: 6,217 MYR

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Malaysia for Construction / Building / Installation

 Maximum23,000 MYR
 Average6,217 MYR
 Median5,000 MYR
 Minimum910 MYR

Construction / Building / Installation VS All Jobs

Average Salary in Malaysia for Construction / Building / Installation6,217 MYR
Average Salary in Malaysia for all jobs7,389 MYR

Salary Comparison By Job Title (Average Monthly Salary)

Job TitleAverage Salary
Boat Builders and Shipwrights15,000 MYR
Building Monitor5,000 MYR
Civil Engineer6,453 MYR
Construction Coordinator5,225 MYR
Construction Manager10,000 MYR
Construction Project Manager6,000 MYR
Construction Supervisor3,225 MYR
Contracts Manager18,000 MYR
Engineer4,367 MYR
Field Engineer - Construction8,600 MYR
Foreman910 MYR
Health and Safety Officer4,325 MYR
Installation Manager14,000 MYR
Land Surveyor6,917 MYR
Plumber2,000 MYR
Project Coordinator2,800 MYR
Project Engineer4,676 MYR
Project Manager9,119 MYR
Quantity Surveyors4,362 MYR
Site engineer4,700 MYR
Technical Draughtsman3,080 MYR

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Salary Comparison By City (Average Monthly Salary)

CityAverage Salary
Ampang3,750 MYR
Johor Bahru4,880 MYR
Kota Kinabalu5,667 MYR
Kuala Lumpur7,130 MYR
Kuching4,850 MYR
Other5,401 MYR
Petaling Jaya6,663 MYR
Shah Alam5,693 MYR
Subang Jaya6,033 MYR

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