Salary Survey in Kenya for Administrative Assistant

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Average Monthly Salary in Kenya for Administrative Assistant: 36,805 KES

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Kenya for Administrative Assistant

 Maximum61,500 KES
 Average36,805 KES
 Median33,000 KES
 Minimum18,000 KES

Administrative Assistant VS VS Administration / Reception / Secretarial VS All Jobs

Average Salary in Kenya for Administrative Assistant36,805 KES
Average Salary in Kenya for Administration / Reception / Secretarial54,061 KES
Average Salary in Kenya for all jobs145,019 KES

Salary Comparison By Experience (Average Monthly Salary)

ExperienceAverage Salary
1 Years20,000 KES
2 Years34,333 KES
3 Years23,267 KES
4 Years52,625 KES
5 Years26,500 KES
6 Years31,500 KES
8 Years20,000 KES
10 Years53,333 KES

Salary Comparison By Age (Average Monthly Salary)

AgeAverage Salary
22 Years25,000 KES
23 Years20,000 KES
24 Years38,000 KES
25 Years18,000 KES
26 Years37,000 KES
27 Years25,900 KES
28 Years39,000 KES
29 Years24,000 KES
30 Years39,333 KES
32 Years61,500 KES
36 Years60,000 KES
37 Years60,000 KES
42 Years45,000 KES

Salary Comparison By Gender (Average Monthly Salary)

GenderAverage Salary
Female36,273 KES
Male37,538 KES

Salary Comparison By Company Type | Public vs Private Sector (Average Monthly Salary)

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector35,961 KES
Public Sector52,000 KES

Salary Comparison By Education (Average Monthly Salary)

Education LevelAverage Salary

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Salary Comparison By City (Average Monthly Salary)

CityAverage Salary
Isiolo31,500 KES
Kilifi52,000 KES
Mombasa55,000 KES
Nairobi36,379 KES
Thika20,000 KES

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