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Salary Survey in Mexico City

The salary figures below are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures

Average Monthly Salary in Mexico City: 55,633 MXN

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Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Mexico City

 Maximum: 360,000 MXN
 Average: 55,633 MXN
 Median: 37,319 MXN
 Minimum: 7,900 MXN

Salary Comparison By Job Category (Average Monthly Salary)

Displayed below is the salary comparison by job category. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job CategoryAverage Salary
Construction / Building / Installation11,000 MXN
Customer Service and Call Center11,950 MXN
Banking20,000 MXN
Architecture23,000 MXN
Public Relations24,000 MXN
Administration / Reception / Secretarial27,650 MXN
Information Technology34,271 MXN
Fundraising and Non Profit36,000 MXN
Business Planning36,200 MXN
Legal37,500 MXN
Human Resources39,317 MXN
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management41,000 MXN
Accounting and Finance41,780 MXN
Purchasing and Inventory45,833 MXN
Engineering47,111 MXN
Sales Retail and Wholesale49,267 MXN
Quality Control and Compliance50,000 MXN
Science and Technical Services53,750 MXN
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair60,000 MXN
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering67,500 MXN
Insurance79,167 MXN
Marketing101,440 MXN
Executive and Management114,441 MXN
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Mexico City VS Mexico

Average Salary in Mexico City (all jobs)55,633 MXN
Average Salary in Mexico (all jobs)49,169 MXN

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