Salary Survey in Spain for Administrative Assistant

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Average Monthly Salary in Spain for Administrative Assistant: 1,781 EUR

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Spain for Administrative Assistant

 Maximum11,078 EUR
 Average1,781 EUR
 Median1,200 EUR
 Minimum710 EUR

Administrative Assistant VS VS Administration / Reception / Secretarial VS All Jobs

Average Salary in Spain for Administrative Assistant1,781 EUR
Average Salary in Spain for Administration / Reception / Secretarial2,023 EUR
Average Salary in Spain for all jobs2,869 EUR

Salary Comparison By Experience (Average Monthly Salary)

ExperienceAverage Salary
0 Years1,200 EUR
1 Years710 EUR
2 Years1,130 EUR
3 Years1,200 EUR
4 Years6,089 EUR
5 Years925 EUR
6 Years1,625 EUR
7 Years1,833 EUR
10 Years1,096 EUR
12 Years1,427 EUR
15 Years1,000 EUR
17 Years1,200 EUR
19 Years2,100 EUR
25 Years2,000 EUR

Salary Comparison By Age (Average Monthly Salary)

AgeAverage Salary
22 Years1,200 EUR
24 Years955 EUR
26 Years6,069 EUR
27 Years975 EUR
28 Years1,413 EUR
29 Years920 EUR
33 Years1,833 EUR
35 Years1,083 EUR
36 Years1,438 EUR
38 Years1,200 EUR
39 Years1,000 EUR
40 Years2,500 EUR
41 Years1,200 EUR
44 Years1,417 EUR
45 Years1,700 EUR
50 Years2,000 EUR

Salary Comparison By Gender (Average Monthly Salary)

GenderAverage Salary
Female1,401 EUR
Male2,126 EUR

Salary Comparison By Company Type | Public vs Private Sector (Average Monthly Salary)

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector1,881 EUR
Public Sector1,460 EUR

Salary Comparison By Nationality (Average Monthly Salary)

NationalityAverage Salary
Brazil1,167 EUR
Spain1,296 EUR
Romania1,833 EUR
Philippines11,078 EUR

Salary Comparison By Education (Average Monthly Salary)

Education LevelAverage Salary

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Salary Comparison By City (Average Monthly Salary)

CityAverage Salary
Barcelona4,783 EUR
Bilbao1,622 EUR
Madrid1,313 EUR
Malaga1,000 EUR
Other1,120 EUR
Valencia1,060 EUR
Zaragoza1,710 EUR

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