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Average Monthly Salary in United States: 6,034 USD

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States

 Maximum43,750 USD
 Average6,034 USD
 Median5,000 USD
 Minimum600 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Category (Average Monthly Salary)

Job CategoryAverage Salary
Accounting and Finance5,687 USD
Administration / Reception / Secretarial3,185 USD
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management4,710 USD
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense7,189 USD
Architecture4,990 USD
Automotive6,109 USD
Banking5,146 USD
Bilingual3,152 USD
Business Planning7,228 USD
Care Giving and Child Care2,517 USD
Cleaning and Housekeeping2,102 USD
Construction / Building / Installation5,604 USD
Counseling4,240 USD
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers3,563 USD
Customer Service and Call Center3,422 USD
Electrical and Electronics Trades4,762 USD
Engineering7,135 USD
Environmental5,746 USD
Executive and Management9,782 USD
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair4,317 USD
Factory and Manufacturing5,107 USD
Fashion and Apparel3,418 USD
Fitness / Hair / Beauty3,041 USD
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering3,523 USD
Fundraising and Non Profit4,115 USD
Gardening / Farming / Fishing2,319 USD
Government and Defence5,307 USD
Health and Medical6,188 USD
Human Resources5,163 USD
Import and Export4,330 USD
Independent Jobs4,178 USD
Information Technology6,742 USD
Insurance5,990 USD
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire3,744 USD
Legal6,294 USD
Marketing5,438 USD
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment5,810 USD
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining9,169 USD
Pet Care2,066 USD
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology8,167 USD
Photography4,010 USD
Public Relations4,945 USD
Publishing and Printing4,573 USD
Purchasing and Inventory4,800 USD
Quality Control and Compliance5,361 USD
Real Estate3,944 USD
Recreation and Sports3,824 USD
Sales Retail and Wholesale5,453 USD
Science and Technical Services6,377 USD
Teaching / Education4,601 USD
Telecommunication7,788 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alabama5,329 USD
Alaska7,710 USD
Arizona5,656 USD
Arkansas4,862 USD
California6,573 USD
Colorado6,031 USD
Connecticut6,042 USD
Delaware5,097 USD
District of Columbia6,444 USD
Florida5,400 USD
Georgia6,159 USD
Hawaii5,103 USD
Idaho4,770 USD
Illinois6,128 USD
Indiana5,341 USD
Iowa5,206 USD
Kansas6,171 USD
Kentucky4,235 USD
Louisiana6,062 USD
Maine5,353 USD
Maryland6,092 USD
Massachusetts6,891 USD
Michigan5,715 USD
Minnesota5,384 USD
Mississippi6,125 USD
Missouri4,987 USD
Montana4,490 USD
Nebraska4,514 USD
Nevada5,435 USD
New Hampshire5,069 USD
New Jersey6,476 USD
New Mexico4,404 USD
New York6,825 USD
North Carolina5,536 USD
North Dakota4,850 USD
Ohio6,509 USD
Oklahoma5,126 USD
Oregon4,759 USD
Pennsylvania5,450 USD
Rhode Island5,639 USD
South Carolina5,613 USD
South Dakota3,453 USD
Tennessee5,579 USD
Texas6,496 USD
Utah6,246 USD
Vermont3,715 USD
Virginia6,509 USD
Washington6,267 USD
West Virginia4,211 USD
Wisconsin4,518 USD
Wyoming3,580 USD

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