Salary Survey in United States for Administrative Manager

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Average Monthly Salary in United States for Administrative Manager: 3,590 USD

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Administrative Manager

 Maximum7,917 USD
 Average3,590 USD
 Median3,375 USD
 Minimum1,760 USD

Administrative Manager VS VS Administration / Reception / Secretarial VS All Jobs

Average Salary in United States for Administrative Manager3,590 USD
Average Salary in United States for Administration / Reception / Secretarial3,185 USD
Average Salary in United States for all jobs6,034 USD

Salary Comparison By Experience (Average Monthly Salary)

ExperienceAverage Salary
1 Years3,208 USD
3 Years2,792 USD
5 Years2,861 USD
7 Years2,500 USD
8 Years3,750 USD
9 Years2,925 USD
10 Years4,083 USD
11 Years3,800 USD
12 Years5,417 USD
13 Years3,756 USD
14 Years2,200 USD
15 Years4,375 USD
16 Years3,058 USD
20 Years3,333 USD
25 Years4,167 USD
27 Years3,750 USD
30 Years7,917 USD
32 Years5,167 USD
40 Years1,760 USD

Salary Comparison By Age (Average Monthly Salary)

AgeAverage Salary
21 Years3,750 USD
25 Years3,417 USD
27 Years2,125 USD
28 Years3,333 USD
32 Years4,146 USD
33 Years3,750 USD
35 Years3,656 USD
38 Years2,472 USD
40 Years3,092 USD
41 Years4,833 USD
42 Years4,583 USD
44 Years3,750 USD
46 Years3,633 USD
47 Years3,133 USD
50 Years7,917 USD
52 Years3,750 USD
53 Years5,167 USD
64 Years1,760 USD

Salary Comparison By Gender (Average Monthly Salary)

GenderAverage Salary
Female3,538 USD
Male3,710 USD

Salary Comparison By Company Type | Public vs Private Sector (Average Monthly Salary)

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector3,775 USD
Public Sector3,275 USD

Salary Comparison By Nationality (Average Monthly Salary)

NationalityAverage Salary
Sudan3,000 USD
Uruguay3,233 USD
United States3,566 USD
Australia3,750 USD
Venezuela5,000 USD

Salary Comparison By Education (Average Monthly Salary)

Education LevelAverage Salary

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Arizona3,167 USD
California3,697 USD
Connecticut3,000 USD
Delaware2,333 USD
District of Columbia5,458 USD
Florida3,805 USD
Illinois5,417 USD
Kansas3,333 USD
Michigan3,361 USD
Minnesota2,500 USD
New York3,583 USD
North Carolina3,333 USD
Oklahoma1,760 USD
Oregon3,683 USD
Texas3,800 USD
Washington3,933 USD
Wisconsin2,083 USD

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