Salary Survey in United States for Account Manager

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Average Monthly Salary in United States for Account Manager: 6,177 USD

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Account Manager

 Maximum16,666 USD
 Average6,177 USD
 Median5,417 USD
 Minimum2,000 USD

Account Manager VS VS Sales Retail and Wholesale VS All Jobs

Average Salary in United States for Account Manager6,177 USD
Average Salary in United States for Sales Retail and Wholesale5,453 USD
Average Salary in United States for all jobs6,034 USD

Salary Comparison By Experience (Average Monthly Salary)

ExperienceAverage Salary
1 Years3,388 USD
3 Years5,250 USD
4 Years4,518 USD
5 Years5,343 USD
6 Years4,750 USD
7 Years7,139 USD
8 Years6,650 USD
9 Years6,583 USD
10 Years10,417 USD
11 Years4,167 USD
12 Years7,583 USD
13 Years5,000 USD
14 Years3,583 USD
15 Years8,917 USD
16 Years7,833 USD
17 Years5,250 USD
18 Years9,061 USD
20 Years8,611 USD
23 Years6,033 USD
26 Years6,000 USD
39 Years3,000 USD

Salary Comparison By Age (Average Monthly Salary)

AgeAverage Salary
22 Years3,415 USD
24 Years3,333 USD
25 Years4,417 USD
26 Years2,674 USD
27 Years3,917 USD
28 Years5,944 USD
29 Years2,700 USD
30 Years8,243 USD
32 Years5,625 USD
37 Years5,000 USD
38 Years5,583 USD
39 Years4,042 USD
40 Years6,750 USD
41 Years10,625 USD
42 Years11,250 USD
43 Years5,417 USD
44 Years15,000 USD
45 Years7,917 USD
46 Years4,150 USD
47 Years3,550 USD
49 Years7,917 USD
51 Years11,250 USD
56 Years6,000 USD
59 Years3,000 USD

Salary Comparison By Gender (Average Monthly Salary)

GenderAverage Salary
Female4,872 USD
Male6,829 USD

Salary Comparison By Company Type | Public vs Private Sector (Average Monthly Salary)

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector6,165 USD
Public Sector5,445 USD

Salary Comparison By Nationality (Average Monthly Salary)

NationalityAverage Salary
El Salvador2,674 USD
Germany3,500 USD
New Zealand4,583 USD
Philippines5,000 USD
Mexico5,833 USD
United States6,253 USD
Russia7,500 USD
United Kingdom11,250 USD

Salary Comparison By Education (Average Monthly Salary)

Education LevelAverage Salary

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alabama5,250 USD
California6,449 USD
Colorado6,000 USD
Florida3,994 USD
Georgia8,500 USD
Illinois4,278 USD
Massachusetts3,583 USD
Michigan3,917 USD
New Jersey5,304 USD
New Mexico2,000 USD
New York6,875 USD
North Carolina4,167 USD
Oklahoma7,917 USD
Pennsylvania3,500 USD
Tennessee6,075 USD
Texas8,017 USD
Utah12,291 USD
Virginia6,250 USD
Washington5,167 USD
Wisconsin7,217 USD

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