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Average Salary Survey in United States for Banking

Average Monthly Salary in United States for Banking: 5,511 USD
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Banking

 Maximum61,000 USD
 Average5,511 USD
 Median4,250 USD
 Minimum900 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Division (Average Monthly Salary)

Job DivisionAverage Salary
Loans4,251 USD
Mortgage4,569 USD
Other Banking5,826 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alabama4,067 USD
California3,991 USD
Colorado3,524 USD
Connecticut6,495 USD
District of Columbia13,750 USD
Florida4,464 USD
Georgia4,639 USD
Idaho3,756 USD
Illinois4,750 USD
Kansas3,222 USD
Massachusetts7,438 USD
Minnesota2,146 USD
Missouri3,883 USD
Nevada16,250 USD
New Jersey3,721 USD
New York8,088 USD
North Carolina4,237 USD
Ohio3,973 USD
Pennsylvania3,586 USD
Tennessee5,069 USD
Texas5,337 USD
Virginia3,833 USD

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