Salary Survey in United States for Engineering

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Average Monthly Salary in United States for Engineering: 7,135 USD

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Engineering

 Maximum35,000 USD
 Average7,135 USD
 Median6,311 USD
 Minimum870 USD

Engineering VS All Jobs

Average Salary in United States for Engineering7,135 USD
Average Salary in United States for all jobs6,034 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Title (Average Monthly Salary)

Job TitleAverage Salary
Assembly Engineering Technician3,837 USD
Assistant Chief Engineer9,233 USD
Autocad Operator4,750 USD
Ceramics Engineer6,917 USD
Civil Engineer6,362 USD
Design Engineer6,733 USD
Drilling Engineer8,333 USD
Electrical Engineer6,954 USD
Electrical Engineering Manager9,404 USD
Energy Engineer5,583 USD
Engineer7,557 USD
Engineering Technician6,616 USD
Environmental Engineer6,992 USD
Equipment Engineer35,000 USD
Equipment Engineering Manager7,708 USD
Field Engineer7,326 USD
Field Engineering Manager6,167 USD
Geotechnical Engineer6,716 USD
Highway Engineer4,083 USD
HVAC Engineering5,347 USD
Industrial Engineer6,704 USD
Instrumentation Engineer11,500 USD
Maintenance Engineer4,756 USD
Maintenance Manager4,333 USD
Manufacturing Engineer6,601 USD
Marine Engineer5,834 USD
Materials Engineer7,291 USD
Mechanical Engineer6,559 USD
Mechanical Engineering Manager9,557 USD
Oil and Petrochemical Engineer8,158 USD
Planning Engineer6,333 USD
Principal Cost Engineer8,063 USD
Process Engineer7,121 USD
Product Development Engineer8,525 USD
Product Engineer6,178 USD
Production Engineer6,068 USD
Production Manager11,111 USD
Project Engineer6,460 USD
Project Manager9,701 USD
Quality Assurance Engineer5,686 USD
Rail Engineering5,583 USD
Safety Engineer5,417 USD
Safety Manager5,000 USD
Sales Engineer9,371 USD
Senior Electrical Engineer7,509 USD
Senior Sales Engineer10,292 USD
Structural Designer6,667 USD
Transportation Engineer5,919 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alabama6,722 USD
Arizona8,103 USD
California7,946 USD
Colorado6,587 USD
Connecticut6,180 USD
District of Columbia6,919 USD
Florida6,339 USD
Georgia7,213 USD
Idaho6,250 USD
Illinois6,101 USD
Indiana5,769 USD
Iowa6,333 USD
Kansas9,894 USD
Kentucky5,938 USD
Louisiana7,713 USD
Maryland6,818 USD
Massachusetts8,051 USD
Michigan6,685 USD
Minnesota6,440 USD
Mississippi4,289 USD
Missouri6,089 USD
Nebraska4,753 USD
Nevada4,870 USD
New Jersey7,748 USD
New Mexico4,971 USD
New York6,970 USD
North Carolina6,580 USD
North Dakota7,861 USD
Ohio7,444 USD
Oklahoma8,392 USD
Oregon6,053 USD
Pennsylvania5,881 USD
Rhode Island6,392 USD
South Carolina5,310 USD
Tennessee6,779 USD
Texas8,107 USD
Utah7,148 USD
Virginia7,905 USD
Washington6,654 USD
West Virginia6,542 USD
Wisconsin6,277 USD

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