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Average Salary Survey in United States for Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering

Average Monthly Salary in United States for Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering: 3,538 USD
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering

 Maximum12,083 USD
 Average3,538 USD
 Median3,200 USD
 Minimum1,000 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Title (Average Monthly Salary)

Job TitleAverage Salary
Bakers and Pastrycooks2,042 USD
Bakery Superintendent1,800 USD
Banquet Manager2,833 USD
Bartender2,250 USD
Beverage Manager3,480 USD
Butchers and Slaughterers1,200 USD
Cake Decorator1,800 USD
Chef2,885 USD
Chef ( Executive )4,412 USD
Chef ( Fine Dining Restaurant )5,229 USD
Conference Services Manager5,208 USD
Cook2,592 USD
Cook ( Fine Dining )1,600 USD
Corporate Sous Chef4,198 USD
Fleet Manager5,167 USD
Food Server2,100 USD
Food Service Director6,750 USD
Food Service Sales5,875 USD
Front Desk Agent1,806 USD
Front Office Manager2,708 USD
Group Services Coordinator2,000 USD
Hostess / Host3,333 USD
Hotel Manager8,438 USD
Hotel Service Supervisor2,738 USD
Kitchen Manager2,747 USD
Motel Manager3,638 USD
Receptionist1,160 USD
Restaurant Manager3,308 USD
Room Reservations Manager3,583 USD
Supervisor of Food Services1,700 USD
Travel Agent and Tour Guide5,072 USD
Waiter1,867 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
California4,295 USD
Colorado2,960 USD
Florida3,172 USD
Illinois4,410 USD
Maryland3,475 USD
Massachusetts1,680 USD
Minnesota3,565 USD
Missouri1,778 USD
Nebraska3,830 USD
New Jersey4,288 USD
New York5,662 USD
North Carolina3,300 USD
Ohio3,979 USD
Oregon3,839 USD
Pennsylvania2,552 USD
Texas4,333 USD
Vermont3,623 USD
Washington2,670 USD

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