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Average Salary Survey in United States for Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense

Average Monthly Salary in United States for Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense: 7,591 USD
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense

 Maximum20,833 USD
 Average7,591 USD
 Median6,000 USD
 Minimum1,400 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Title (Average Monthly Salary)

Job TitleAverage Salary
Aerospace Engineer8,278 USD
Air Traffic Controllers6,000 USD
Aircraft Electrician1,983 USD
Aircraft Maintenance Manager17,667 USD
Aircraft Mechanic4,750 USD
Aircraft Mechanic Assistant4,167 USD
Airport Services Manager (Airlines)5,000 USD
Aviation Analyst4,500 USD
Aviation Manager6,825 USD
Aviation Safety Manager8,333 USD
Aviation Technician4,333 USD
Chief Pilot10,000 USD
Flight Scheduler5,000 USD
Maintenance Technician4,450 USD
Pilot12,146 USD
Quality Assurance Engineering Manager7,177 USD
Ramp Agents3,250 USD
Test Pilot7,000 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alabama4,458 USD
California7,862 USD
Connecticut10,167 USD
Florida5,750 USD
Georgia6,500 USD
Illinois3,250 USD
Michigan9,167 USD
New York9,167 USD
North Carolina9,258 USD
Oklahoma6,179 USD
Texas5,313 USD
Washington6,667 USD

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