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Average Salary Survey in United States for General Manager

Average Monthly Salary in United States for General Manager: 7,194 USD
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States for General Manager

 Maximum30,000 USD
 Average7,194 USD
 Median5,500 USD
 Minimum2,500 USD

General Manager VS Executive and Management VS All Jobs

Average Salary in United States for General Manager7,194 USD
9,900 USD
6,146 USD

Salary Comparison By Age

AgeAverage Salary
18 - 24 Years2,750 USD
25 - 30 Years3,833 USD
30 - 35 Years5,679 USD
35 - 40 Years7,848 USD
40 - 45 Years9,523 USD
45 - 50 Years6,188 USD
50+ Years8,925 USD

Salary Comparison By Experience

ExperienceAverage Salary
0 - 2 Years2,750 USD
4,097 USD
6,053 USD
7,917 USD
9,315 USD
8,299 USD

Salary Comparison By Gender

GenderAverage Salary
Female5,763 USD
Male7,788 USD

Public vs Private Sector

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector6,541 USD
Public Sector11,117 USD

Salary Comparison By Education

Education LevelAverage Salary
High school or Equivalent4,128 USD
Doctorate4,167 USD
Certification or Diploma4,899 USD
Bachelor's Degree7,114 USD
Master's Degree11,661 USD

Salary Comparison By Nationality

NationalityAverage Salary
Armenia3,000 USD
Sweden3,200 USD
El Salvador4,167 USD
American Samoa4,400 USD
Mexico4,917 USD
Australia5,000 USD
Colombia5,108 USD
Denmark5,417 USD
Zimbabwe5,500 USD
Greece6,250 USD
Dominican Republic6,750 USD
United States6,948 USD
Venezuela7,500 USD
Iran8,500 USD
Switzerland9,167 USD
Italy9,967 USD
India10,000 USD
Lebanon12,500 USD
Vietnam30,000 USD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Arizona4,167 USD
California9,128 USD
Colorado3,988 USD
Florida6,813 USD
Illinois7,083 USD
Indiana3,500 USD
Louisiana14,583 USD
Maryland4,333 USD
Massachusetts5,750 USD
Michigan6,389 USD
Minnesota2,750 USD
Missouri3,000 USD
Nebraska4,575 USD
Nevada5,428 USD
New Hampshire3,200 USD
New Jersey8,125 USD
New Mexico4,583 USD
New York9,310 USD
Ohio6,667 USD
Oklahoma5,833 USD
Oregon2,550 USD
Pennsylvania7,827 USD
Rhode Island6,792 USD
South Carolina9,167 USD
Texas9,233 USD
Utah6,250 USD
Virginia12,833 USD
Washington4,000 USD
Wisconsin6,291 USD

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