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Average Salary Survey in Canada for Accountant

Average Monthly Salary in Canada for Accountant: 4,425 CAD
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Canada for Accountant

 Maximum9,583 CAD
 Average4,425 CAD
 Median4,167 CAD
 Minimum1,100 CAD

Accountant VS Accounting VS Accounting and Finance VS All Jobs

Average Salary in Canada for Accountant4,425 CAD
4,143 CAD
5,341 CAD
5,595 CAD

Salary Comparison By Age

AgeAverage Salary
18 - 24 Years3,634 CAD
25 - 30 Years4,138 CAD
30 - 35 Years4,800 CAD
35 - 40 Years4,608 CAD
40 - 45 Years6,132 CAD
45 - 50 Years2,900 CAD
50+ Years4,093 CAD

Salary Comparison By Experience

ExperienceAverage Salary
3,722 CAD
4,085 CAD
4,680 CAD
4,699 CAD
5,197 CAD
5,433 CAD

Salary Comparison By Gender

GenderAverage Salary
Female3,762 CAD
Male4,941 CAD

Public vs Private Sector

Company TypeAverage Salary
Private Sector4,303 CAD
Public Sector4,630 CAD

Salary Comparison By Education

Education LevelAverage Salary
High school or Equivalent3,913 CAD
Certification or Diploma3,958 CAD
Bachelor's Degree4,498 CAD
Master's Degree4,860 CAD

Salary Comparison By Nationality

NationalityAverage Salary
India2,942 CAD
Russia3,500 CAD
Philippines4,167 CAD
Hong Kong4,200 CAD
China4,292 CAD
Canada4,297 CAD
Malaysia4,500 CAD
Afghanistan5,000 CAD
Kenya5,000 CAD
Pakistan5,208 CAD
Romania6,083 CAD
Egypt7,000 CAD
South Africa9,000 CAD

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Salary Comparison By State (Average Monthly Salary)

StateAverage Salary
Alberta5,174 CAD
British Columbia4,144 CAD
Manitoba2,917 CAD
Newfoundland-Labrador4,333 CAD
Nova Scotia3,323 CAD
Ontario4,178 CAD
Quebec5,500 CAD
Saskatchewan3,163 CAD

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