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Human Resources Average Salaries in Guatemala 2020

How much money does a person working in Human Resources make in Guatemala?

Average Monthly Salary
10,000 GTQ
( 120,000 GTQ yearly)


A person working in Human Resources in Guatemala typically earns around 10,000 GTQ per month. Salaries range from 4,210 GTQ (lowest average) to 17,100 GTQ (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different Human Resources careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salaries for specific jobs

Job TitleAverage Salary
Benefits Administrator6,370 GTQ
Benefits Analyst7,540 GTQ
Benefits Manager12,600 GTQ
Chief People Officer16,000 GTQ
Compensation Analyst7,370 GTQ
Compensation and Benefits Manager12,800 GTQ
Compensation and Benefits Officer5,450 GTQ
Compensation Manager13,600 GTQ
Corporate Director of Human Resources17,000 GTQ
Corporate Trainer8,120 GTQ
Employee Benefits Administrator8,780 GTQ
Employee Communications Manager11,500 GTQ
Employee Development Specialist10,900 GTQ
Employee Engagement Specialist10,300 GTQ
Employee Health and Wellness Administrator10,300 GTQ
Employee Performance Specialist8,020 GTQ
Employee Relations Manager11,100 GTQ
Employee Relations Practitioner11,900 GTQ
Employee Services Manager11,000 GTQ
Employment Advice Worker5,020 GTQ
Employment Interviewer7,280 GTQ
Employment Service Specialist6,560 GTQ
Employment Services Coordinator7,030 GTQ
Enrollment Counselor9,750 GTQ
Equal Opportunity Representative7,850 GTQ
Executive Human Capital Management16,100 GTQ
Executive Recruiter10,700 GTQ
Expatriate Administration Manager11,500 GTQ
Expatriate Administration Supervisor7,750 GTQ
Global Mobility Manager14,200 GTQ
Headhunter10,700 GTQ
Health Benefits Coordinator6,300 GTQ
HRIS Analyst5,800 GTQ
HRIS Manager9,730 GTQ
HRIS Supervisor5,540 GTQ
Human Resources Administration Specialist6,320 GTQ
Human Resources Administrator6,980 GTQ
Human Resources Advisor10,700 GTQ
Human Resources Analyst8,950 GTQ
Human Resources Assessor6,030 GTQ
Human Resources Assistant Manager12,000 GTQ
Human Resources Associate4,160 GTQ
Human Resources Consultant11,900 GTQ
Human Resources Data Analytics Manager8,770 GTQ
Human Resources Generalist7,970 GTQ
Human Resources Manager14,800 GTQ
Human Resources Officer6,270 GTQ
Human Resources Representative6,250 GTQ
Human Resources Section Head10,600 GTQ
Human Resources Superintendent5,730 GTQ
Human Resources Training Executive10,800 GTQ
Industrial Organizational Psychologist14,100 GTQ
Job Evaluation Specialist10,100 GTQ
Labor Relations Director12,200 GTQ
Labor Relations Manager12,100 GTQ
Labor Relations Specialist5,670 GTQ
Learning and Development Manager13,400 GTQ
Occupational Health and Safety Officer5,780 GTQ
Organizational Development Consultant11,700 GTQ
Organizational Development Manager14,100 GTQ
Organizational Development Specialist6,700 GTQ
Payroll Assistant5,200 GTQ
Payroll Supervisor6,510 GTQ
People Development Officer7,820 GTQ
Personnel Officer4,630 GTQ
Records Clerk4,140 GTQ
Records Manager6,680 GTQ
Recruiter10,600 GTQ
Recruiting Coordinator5,970 GTQ
Recruiting Manager14,700 GTQ
Recruitment Consultant11,300 GTQ
Recruitment Officer6,020 GTQ
Recruitment Supervisor9,340 GTQ
Research Associate4,920 GTQ
SAP Resource Manager11,700 GTQ
Talent Acquisition Specialist9,050 GTQ
Talent Management Officer7,030 GTQ
Training and Development Section Head11,500 GTQ
Training Executive12,500 GTQ
Training Officer5,370 GTQ

Human Resources Jobs Salary Distribution in Guatemala