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Average Salary Survey in Italy

Average Monthly Salary in Italy: 3,195 EUR
All salary figures are monthly salaries. You can switch to yearly figures.

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Italy

 Maximum15,000 EUR
 Average3,195 EUR
 Median2,500 EUR
 Minimum800 EUR

Salary Comparison By Job Category (Average Monthly Salary)

Job CategoryAverage Salary
Accounting and Finance3,334 EUR
Administration / Reception / Secretarial1,827 EUR
Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management1,944 EUR
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense3,224 EUR
Architecture1,971 EUR
Automotive3,447 EUR
Banking2,507 EUR
Bilingual850 EUR
Business Planning3,221 EUR
Care Giving and Child Care1,250 EUR
Cleaning and Housekeeping1,100 EUR
Construction / Building / Installation2,770 EUR
Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers2,411 EUR
Customer Service and Call Center2,400 EUR
Electrical and Electronics Trades1,792 EUR
Engineering2,824 EUR
Environmental2,111 EUR
Executive and Management6,045 EUR
Factory and Manufacturing2,495 EUR
Fashion and Apparel4,333 EUR
Fitness / Hair / Beauty4,167 EUR
Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering1,795 EUR
Health and Medical3,767 EUR
Human Resources3,857 EUR
Import and Export3,575 EUR
Independent Jobs2,000 EUR
Information Technology2,549 EUR
Insurance6,840 EUR
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire1,917 EUR
Legal5,825 EUR
Marketing2,875 EUR
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment4,683 EUR
Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining2,500 EUR
Pet Care4,000 EUR
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology3,582 EUR
Public Relations1,583 EUR
Publishing and Printing4,500 EUR
Purchasing and Inventory3,280 EUR
Quality Control and Compliance2,659 EUR
Sales Retail and Wholesale3,237 EUR
Science and Technical Services2,848 EUR
Teaching / Education4,165 EUR
Telecommunication3,717 EUR

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Salary Comparison By City (Average Monthly Salary)

CityAverage Salary
Bari2,267 EUR
Bologna3,416 EUR
Brescia3,246 EUR
Cagliari1,233 EUR
Catania2,172 EUR
Ferrara2,889 EUR
Firenze2,764 EUR
Foggia1,250 EUR
Genova2,857 EUR
Livorno2,110 EUR
Milano3,384 EUR
Modena3,541 EUR
Monza3,681 EUR
Napoli3,243 EUR
Other2,458 EUR
Padova2,816 EUR
Palermo3,761 EUR
Parma3,669 EUR
Perugia2,125 EUR
Pescara2,285 EUR
Ravenna3,728 EUR
Reggio Calabria1,750 EUR
Reggio nell Emilia3,263 EUR
Roma3,416 EUR
Torino2,965 EUR
Trieste3,522 EUR
Venezia3,491 EUR
Verona2,711 EUR

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