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Signs Employee Will Resign

1) Disciplinary Issues:
If the employee starts arriving late, leaving early from work or skipping meetings then this could be a sign that he/she is on the way to the exit door. They are not worried much with consequences as they already know they are leaving soon.

2) Low Work Quality:
If the quality or quantity of work is significantly reduced then maybe it is because the employee is spending a lot of time and energy looking somewhere else.

3) Two many off days/hours:
Hours off are needed to attend job interviews. Of course, not everyone taking a few hours is planning to quit, but if the rate is unusual and continuous then that could actually mean something.

4) Dressed Too Well:
If dressed unusually well then your employee might have just arrived from or going to a job interview.

5) Private Calls:
If you notice that the employee is running away every time their phone rings, then these could be calls from potential employers.

6) Separated from Others:
The employee starts to isolate themselves from others. Not attending group lunches anymore or avoiding work related discussions.

7) Fine with Everything:
If the employee is unusually open to criticism, arguing very less, accepts impossible tasks or very simple ones then this is the employee's way of saying: "That's ok, I'll be leaving very soon”.

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