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Tricky Job Interview Questions

1) Tell Me about Yourself
Give a brief summary of your professional life. Talk about the personal aspects of you that would make you a wonderful employee: ambitious, professional, team player etc… Don't tell boning details that are irrelevant to the job or too personal.
2) Why do you want to work here?
Make sure you have done enough research about the company ahead of the interview. Confront the interviewer with facts and data about the company and how you would fit perfectly in its vision and structure.
3) What is your biggest weakness?
Name one even if you are not totally convinced. Explain your plan of overcoming this weakness. Tell the interviewer how your plan worked in one or more situations. Don't say that you have none because it is so overconfident and not true. If you want to play it differently, you can name a positive weakness like for example: workaholic, too demanding, perfectionist, too strict etc... Make your weakness sound like a dream quality.
4) What is your biggest achievement in your professional life?
You need to name one. Even if you don't think it is a major one, present it as so. Make sure it is as related as possible to the position in question.
5) Why should I hire you?
Talk about how you came to be experienced in your field and about the qualities that separate you from others. Describe yourself as the most suitable person for the job. Say how ambitious you are. Tell the interviewer that the success of the company is your own success and vice versa. Don't say things like "I am the best in my field" or "You will not find somebody better". Mind the others, talk about yourself.
6) Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Don't say I have no idea or I'm not sure. You need to have a clear career development path in your mind and you need to explain that to the interviewer. Say how would like to climb the ladder step by step and evolve within the company. Talk about how you see yourself as an integral part of the company.
7) If you won the lottery, would you still work?
Don't say no. Say that work is an essential part of a human being's life and everybody needs to work, but tell the interviewer that your scope of work might change and you will not be doing the same things you are doing today.

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