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Unconventional Job Hunting Techniques

1) Offer help or advice
This is one fantastic technique. Offer help or a tip about something that can be improved at the company where you wish to be employed. Don't demand anything in return, you are just being helpful. Giving free advice not only shows that you are expert in your field but tells tons about your human qualities. As a real life example: a web security specialist was browsing through the website of one company he was interested in working at when he discovered security vulnerability in one of the pages. He contacted the company and warned them about it. They were so grateful and so impressed by his skills they actually offer him a position. There you go.
2) Volunteer
Fantastic technique if you are unemployed and have time. You may offer your services at no charge as a demonstration of your abilities. Suggest a mini project or ask them to tell you how you can help. If you demonstrated good skills, they might offer a full time job.
3) Part time job
If the opportunity of a full time job is not available, you can always go for the part time option. Just like with volunteering and offering help, this is a way to impress and show the employer you have what it takes to handle the full time job.
4) Be a customer first
We can hear you screaming already. Read on first. We don't mean being low and taking advantage of the fact that you are customer to push somehow for a job or deliberately making yourself a customer even though you are not interested in the products or services. What we really mean is we are already customers of so many companies: insurance companies, real estate companies, car rental companies, hotels, hospitals etc…Being a customer means that you can be best suited to evaluate, criticize and improve products and services. Search for vacancies in companies where you are already their customer. Don't say anything about that to anybody. The only time you should ever mention it is in the job interview when the employer asks you on how you can make an impact in your job. At that time you may mention it and explain the changes you would make, based on the fact that you are (or have been) a customer.
5) Friends and Family
Many people forget that there are people that love them out there and who are unconditionally willing to help. They feel embarrassed to ask the people around them for help. They feel it is a sign of weakness. Well it is not! Turning to your friends and family could prove to be an excellent resource for jobs. Don't let rule out this option for unjustified reasons.
6) Job Fairs
Attend as many job fairs as you can. It is the best place to find your next simply because it was built for that reason. Some eliminate that option because the competition is so high and everybody will be there. Resumes will bulk on top the tables and the chances will be little. Well we suggest you distinguish yourself from the others by an outstanding CV that can set you apart from the others just by looking at it. Another tip is to use a networking card. A networking card has the same size as a business card but additionally lists achievement and qualifications summary in a compact and brief way. Use networking cards to differentiate you from the rest.

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