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Careers For People Who Want To Be Left Alone

Some people work best if they are left alone. They don't like to be interrupted with ongoing conversations and comments. They like to showcase their quality through hard work only. So do you hate dealing with people? Are you looking for a career where your interaction with others is minimal? If your answer to the last two questions was "Yes", then any of the below jobs might suit you well.

Publishing Jobs
Writers: Sit in your office or home all day and just type. If you write really well then welcome to the isolation paradise.

Editors/Proof Readers: If you are unable to produce your own scripts, consider correcting others.

Back End IT Jobs
If you love technology and willing to exercise your brain then some IT jobs will provide you with the serenity you are dreaming of. Beware; IT jobs might be heavily involved with people especially when it comes to helpdesk, support and customer service jobs. You need to map your path carefully to any of these jobs: Database Administrator, Systems Analyst or Programmer.

Repairing Jobs
Repairing requires concentration which encourages an atmosphere of silence. Not all repairing jobs guarantee that you will not deal with people but the chances are good. We recommend: Computer Repairer, Electronic Devices Repairer or Mechanic Repairer.

Web Jobs
The beauty of the web comes from the fact that two people can conduct business without ever seeing each other. Seems like the perfect thing to do for those who don't want be surrounded by people. There are many opportunities to work on the web, including but not limited to:

Moderators: Review content posted by visitors to a website and either accept it or reject it. You can work from your own bed if you wish to.

Webmasters: Take care of a website. Requires technical abilities but suits our purpose very well.

Template Designer: Not as technically oriented as webmasters but you need to have artistic abilities.

Web Writer: Writing articles for popular website or for your own blog. Tranquility guaranteed.

Freelancer: Accept projects from remote locations. Payment and delivery are virtually made through the internet without ever meeting the client. Includes: Freelance Programmers, Freelance Graphic Designers, Freelance Writers, etc…

Other Jobs
CCTV Surveillance Officer: Not a high paying job but at least you will be happy. Your job is to gaze at a collection of TV screens for abnormal activity.

Graphic Designer: You still have to meet with others to understand requirements but for the majority of the time you will be working on your designs by yourself.

Lab Technician: No customer interaction here only limited with fellow colleagues. Anyway, you will be working on samples most of the time so no issues there.

Data Entry Jobs: For those who value tranquility over money.

Medical Transcriptionist: A special type of data entry in the medical field

Painter: Not the artistic one (which requires a lot of talent most of us don't have) but the wall painting one.

Postman / Delivery Driver: Be careful here, do not go for courier service jobs. Courier services requires from you to call the client and arrange for a time and place for delivery. Not what we want at all. One the other hand, the postman never sees the recipients. He spends all day dropping mails in boxes. Also the delivery driver almost never sees them.

Chef: No need to see your customers, just feed them.

Legal Translator: A typical office job that requires minimal human interaction.

Housekeeping: I can see the look on your face. Stop it! Housekeeping can be a very luxurious job especially if you are working in a five star hotel or on a world class cruiser.

Carpenter: More of a trade than a job but awesome one nonetheless.

Architect: A high profile job that involves spending a lot of time by yourself.

Librarian: Working with books is just awesome. Occasionally, people will approach with questions but their tone will be a very low one! Very suitable for those who like quiet places.

Accountant: Human interaction is there but limited.

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