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Rules of Wealth and Productivity

What you are about to learn right now is so basic, so fundamental and so simple yet impossible to figure out unless you have enough experience in life or someone came along and explained it to you. Even if you already know this stuff and think it is obvious, how much are you really applying it? If the Laws of Wealth and Productivity are successful being applied by everyone, our world would be far more advanced than it is today. I can't believe these rules are not taught in school! They have the potential to improve people's life by light years, yet we only discover them late in our lives and mostly by experience.

Large portion of the self-made rich people out there have successfully applied these rules. Perhaps a major reason why these rules are not taught is that in a world where everyone is rich, no one is really rich. They are kept as secret so few people can benefit from them.

If you can successfully apply them in your life, there is a big possibility that will achieve things you never thought you were capable of. You will have more time to focus on the things that really matter rather than tiny insignificant details. That is easier said than done. As stated earlier, just knowing the rules will not get you anywhere. You need to deem them applicable in your daily life. That is a challenge in itself, but hey, who said it is going to be easy! The good news is that, whoever you are and whatever that you are doing in your life, you can apply the rules.

Without making this longer, let us discover the three secret Rules of Wealth and Productivity.

The Rules of Wealth and Productivity
1) Reusability
2) Automation
3) Combining

If you have no idea what these words mean, don't worry. We are going to explain each one of them in detail and give examples on how to use them in life. The discussions below are mostly related to the work life, but the Rules of Wealth and Productivity can be easily applied to your personal life as well.

Reusability: Do Things Once and Use Them Forever

Simple and logical. It makes perfect sense not to repeat the things we have done before in our lives. We have already spent enough time and energy to do these things, so why do it again? Think about all the things in your life that you have repeated or keep repeating again. I bet you can find in less than one minute five things you have done before in your work that you repeated again at some point. We are daily performing tasks so similar that it counterproductive to keep doing it all over again. Why not do it once and use forever? Imagine the amount of time you will save by not repeating the things already done.

You can't get rich by doing the same thing over and over again

What can be reused?

1) Things that you write: letters, templates, emails, brochures, proposals, etc...
2) Things that you design: images, sounds, movies, etc…
3) Things that you program: macros, software, programs, scripts, etc…
4) Things that you imagine: ideas, designs, etc…
5) Anything you have done before: plans, projects, etc…

The possibilities are endless. The list above only scratches the surface of the things that you can reuse. We cannot possibility enumerate all. You know your life better. Think about all the things in your life that you can reuse again and again. Save your time and think big.

Automation: Let The Machines Do The Work

Simply put, automation is the process by which man made machines do the work that humans do. Machines have the ability to repeat routine systematic tasks much better and faster than humans. In fact, automation is the reason why humanity managed to advance so fast starting from the 18th century. The industrial revolution introduced automation in ways not experienced before. Because machines started to do all the time and energy consuming tasks, people had more time to improve their lives and think strategically.

Automation VS Reusability

You might be wondering what the difference between Automation and Reusability is if both involve not repeating things. Well automation involves tasks that need to be repeated at fixed intervals of time and in the same exact way. Reusability is the art of making benefit of previous acquired knowledge and things already accomplished; using them in original and new ways. Machines are still not capable of utilizing Reusability efficiently (artificial intelligence is growing faster, but still not there yet) but they at excellent in performing repetitive tasks quickly.

Types of Automation

1) Electronic Automation: the use of electronic devices including computers to automate tasks
2) Mechanical Automation: the use of machines to automate tasks

What needs to be done?

Your task is to find every possibility in your life that can be accomplished by some device or machine. There are plenty of them and you are wasting your time on daily tasks that can be automated. Most of us cannot afford to buy a dishwasher which is considered a kind of a luxury, but if you consider the amount of time it saves you then it is a very good investment. Look around you for things that you keep doing over and over again and see if you can find way for a machine, device or computer to do it for you. Nowadays, software automation is the most popular type of automation. People are using computer software for all kind of purposes in their lives. Look into your daily tasks at work and see if there is a software, application or website that can automatically perform these repeating tasks for you.

Combing: The art of putting things together

The wealthiest people on earth are not the smartest. They are not technically more capable than any of us. They were not the brightest ones at schools (most of them did not have proper education or flunk out of college), but one common characteristic of among them is the ability to see the big picture, to put smaller parts of the puzzle together into one big piece. This ability is not to be underestimated and is an essential characteristic of anyone wanting to grow big. Combing or consolidation is the art of assembling smaller parts and make them work together as a group to accomplish a task that is otherwise not doable by each part individually.

You do not need to know how each smaller part functions or works. You don't need to understand the internals. All that is required is to understand the input and the output of each part and find a way for them to work together. This concept is very popular in computer programming. A large portion of software development involves putting different parts together to produce bigger software. In programming it is called integration which is also a synonym to combing.

How does combing apply to me?

Among all the three Rules of Wealth and Productivity, this is most difficult to implement. You know your work very well. You are daily using things that are seemingly unrelated. Can you figure out a way to combine them into something better and more useful? This is an invitation to all of you with ambitious aspiration looking for chance to do something different than a normal job. Don't say to yourself "I am not expert in anything. I can't do this". You don't have to be an expert in anything to produce a bright idea. Observe things around you and look for opportunities to combine smaller things into a big project. This can't be over emphasized: it is not important to understand how smaller parts work, only how they work together.

It is not important to understand how smaller parts work, only how they work together

Combing People

Combing is not only about assembling machines, it also about bringing together people with different backgrounds, education and expertise and make them work together to produce something big. The most successful projects in history were accomplished by acquiring the right talents in the right place.

Here is an idea for you: you have a project in mind? Do not have the funds? Lacking key technical skills? I am pretty sure you can find around you people in every domain in life looking for a chance to work with other people on a project to accomplish something big. Take the initiative and assemble these people together and start your project. Doing so, your exercising the art of combing, but you have to know the capabilities of the smaller parts otherwise the big idea will not bloom.


In short, here is what you need to do to be more productive and successful:

1) Let machines do what they do best: repeat things. Do not waste your time on things that can be automated. You need that time to think of something bigger.

2) Do not do anything twice. Build on the things you have already done. Improve them and use them again.

3) Look at the big picture. Find consolidation ideas. Instead of trying to invent something new out of nothing, combine people and things to create something big. Make use of what is already available.
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