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21 Tips To Get Promoted Quickly!

  • 1. Dress Accordingly

    Dress for the job that you want not the one that you have.

    This may seem superficial but it makes a huge difference.

  • 2. Get closer to the leaders

    In companies where objective performance reviews are not a thing, it is vital that you rub your shoulders with people in power.

    If decision-makers don't notice you, you will find it harder to progress.

  • 3. Use charts and visuals

    Everyone loves nice charts especially top management.

    Your ability to give colorful lively reports and presentations is a clear indicator of corporate maturity.

  • 4. Take higher challenges

    Show that you are capable of dealing with complex situations and problems.

    Offer your help in important and challenging projects where you think you may have an impact.

  • 5. Have better communications skills

    It is important to improve your communication skills if you want to climb the corporate ladder.

    Communicate more and better with your manager and the people on top.

  • 6. Write better emails

    This goes under communications but needs to be highlighted again due to its importance.

    The ability to write better emails is extremely important as you go up the ranks.

  • 7. Take initiatives

    Look for improvement opportunities. Take initiatives to help the organization grow.

    The ability to take initiatives on your own sends a clear signal that you are ready and willing to step forward.

  • 8. Excel at your current job

    You are not going to get promoted if you are bad at what you do.

    Make sure that you don't commit major mistakes (or any for that matter) and aim for positive feedback all the time.

  • 9. Respect deadlines

    Never miss a single deadline. Make sure that your record is absolutely spotless.

  • 10. Showcase your work

    Make sure that your manager and everyone else that needs to know is aware of your achievements.

    Your hard work and dedication must not go unnoticed.

  • 11. Create buzz

    What is better than showcasing your work? Let others do it on your behalf!

    When others start talking about the great things that you are doing, your efforts get a credibility boost.

    Just make sure that you don't BRAG. No one likes braggers.

  • 12. Prepare for your next job

    Go to workshops, attain degrees, and apply for certifications. Make sure that you acquire the necessary skills for the next job.

    For example, if the next step requires a certification in Project Management, go for the certification from now.

  • 13. Be proactive

    Don't wait for problems to happen to solve them.

    Prevent issues from occurring but make sure to demonstrate the proactive measures that you have taken.

    Most people are afraid of being proactive since the effort involved in preventing disasters usually goes unnoticed compared to the effort invested in solving ones.

    That is partially true but that is why communication is key. Proactivity can be measured and it is a very important KPI in most fields.

  • 14. Be a team player

    Offer your help whenever is possible. Ask your teammates for help as well.

    You might not realize this but having the backing of your team is very important to progress, and if you do get promoted you will find a supporting team next to you.

  • 15. Make your team perform better

    If you already manage a team then your ability to make them perform efficiently as a unit is more important than any other skill you may have.

    The job of the most successful CEOs in the world is just to push their teams to give their best.

  • 16. Solve problems

    Show readiness by solving problems that actually matter.

    You can easily get carried away with day-to-day activities but those daily tasks won't register with higher officials.

    Solve business problems according to your capacity.

  • 17. Take ownership

    Take higher responsibilities. Ask your manager to delegate some of their headaches to you.

    They will appreciate it and you will have something to showcase to others.

  • 18. Show your intent

    Communicate your intent and readiness to your supervisors.

    There is nothing wrong with letting others know that you are serious, dedicated, and willing to take a larger role.

  • 19. Network and establish relationships

    Reach out to different people and make connections with everyone.

    You never know who gets where.

    If you are going to live under a rock and do your work don't expect to get promoted anytime soon.

  • 20. Be Sociable

    Don't skip social events, birthdays, gatherings, etc. Those are golden opportunities to bond with others personally especially the ones on the top.

  • 21. Develop leadership skills

    Like it or not, the more you climb the ladder the more leadership skills you need.

    That is not to say that everyone in a leadership position is an actual leader. Mind the others and focus on yourself.

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