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9 Hobbies That Make Great Careers

So you are looking for something exciting to do for a living. Well, how about making a career out of something that you love to do?

Most hobbies can be transformed into income streams if you realize the possibilities. We selected a nine out of a large list, so don't despair if your favorite hobby is not listed.

  • Magic

    1. Magic

    If you like to show tricks to others then you may as well earn from it. You can become a street performer, teach novices, or create a tutorial/book about it. If you are really good you can perform in front of large audiences and earn big sums of cash.

  • Cake Decoration

    2. Cake Decoration

    The cakes are not going anywhere. We want them, we need them, and we love them. Work in a bakeshop or create your own. You can also earn cash by teaching others.

  • Gaming/Puzzles

    3. Gaming/Puzzles

    The amount of money in the gaming industry is crazy. Here are just a few things that you can do: play professionally in tournaments, work for a gaming company as a video game tester, create your own games, start a gaming website, or start a Twitch channel. All of these gigs pay really well.

  • Music

    4. Music

    If music is your thing then do any of the following: be part of an orchestra, be part of a local band, become a DJ, teach music to children, create your own music, create a YouTube channel, or be part of the wedding planning team.

  • Travel

    5. Travel

    Not technically a hobby, just something we enjoy. You can work as a travel blogger. Travel agencies and hotels will pay you to stay at certain properties and give your reviews.

  • Photography

    6. Photography

    A very common hobby that can be easily transformed into a career. Consider being a portfolio photographer, work for news agencies, or sell your photos online.

  • Gardening

    7. Gardening

    A lot of people enjoy planting and having soil in their hands. If you like gardening consider being a fruit grower, a flowers shop seller, or a landscape designer.

  • Writing

    8. Writing

    Do you like to write? The possibilities are endless here: write books, work for a publishing company, be an editor, start a blog, or write for other blogs.

  • Driving

    9. Driving

    If you must be around engines and specifically behind the wheel then any of the following jobs suits you well: bus driver, taxi driver, tour driver, golf cart driver, or driving instructor.

9 Hobbies That Make Great Careers

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