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10 Life-Saving Salary Negotiation Tips for Job Seekers

Ah, "salary negotiation", it is that weird part of the interview where both sides play "Blink First" in attempt to save or gain as much as possible

This article tackles the topic from the job seeker's point of view. Below are 10 essential salary negotiation tricks and tips that you should know of before going to any job interview.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Don't Get Excited

    1. Don't Get Excited

    Even if you are satisfied with the offer, stay calm and don't overreact. Be the person that knows their value and demands proper compensation for it.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Don't Give a Figure

    2. Don't Give a Figure

    Try not to be the first one to suggest a figure. If you give a number that is too low then you might lose money. If you shoot too high, it could cost you the job. Ask how much the previous person was getting or their budget for the position. If they insist, give them a range instead of one figure.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Show Your Value to the Employer

    3. Show Your Value to the Employer

    Talking about previous achievements is great but the employer is more interested in hearing about the improvements that you will introduce and how you plan to contribute to the success of the company. You can better negotiate the salary if the employer clearly understands your value.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Do Your Homework

    4. Do Your Homework

    Do salary research before the interview. Find out the standard salary that is paid to someone with your experience. Be prepared to use this information if the offered salary is less than the market average.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Keep Your Financial Life Private

    5. Keep Your Financial Life Private

    Don't use your financial obligations as an excuse to justify your request for a high salary. The employer doesn't care about your personal problems. Remember that the only reason to ask for a high salary is that you deserve it.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Money Has Many Faces

    6. Money Has Many Faces

    If you reach to a dead end and feel that there is no way to push that figure more, ask for other benefits. Rent, transportation, mobile, school allowance, medical insurance, airline tickets are all worth money. Add them to the equation before you decide.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: You Can Handle More

    7. You Can Handle More

    Tell the interviewer that you have the potential to handle more than the actual responsibilities. Offer extended duties and challenges as long as you can keep up with them.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Don't Sound Desperate

    8. Don't Sound Desperate

    Even if you are, don't show the employer that you are desperate to get the job. If you sound desperate, it will kill any hope of negotiation.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Control Yourself

    9. Control Yourself

    Don't get angry or lose your temper if things are not going your way. The last thing an employer wants to see is an ill-tempered employee. It could be a test. The employer wants to see how you handle pressure or how would you react in an unfavorable situation.

  • Salary Negotiation Tip: Conditional Increment

    10. Conditional Increment

    If you are left with no choice, propose an increment or at least a review of your salary at the end of the probation period. Make sure the increment/review is documented in the contract.

10 Life-Saving Salary Negotiation Tips for Job Seekers

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