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Telecommuting Jobs: Working From Home

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a job that doesn't require you to be in any particular place? You will be able to perform your tasks from the most relaxing places including your living room. We call these jobs Telecommuting Jobs because they can be performed remotely without the need to be anywhere specific. To make things even better, some of these jobs don't require particular working times. You can do it in the morning, evening or whenever you feel comfortable. Too good to be true? It does exist and you can have one of them. You may still have to visit the office once in a while but that is fine I guess.

Advantages of Telecommuting

For Employees

1) Total control of your time.
2) Total control of your life.
3) No need to pay for fuel and travel expenses.
4) No need to spend on formal cloths and office appearance.
5) Spend less on food by not eating outside.
6) Live a better life by eating healthy.

For Companies

1) No need to pay travel allowance for employees.
2) With less employees, space is saved. Space costs money you know.
3) Employee working time can be increased for the same salary because there is no travel time now.
4) Telecommuting employees are able to produce better work because they control their environments.
5) Wages, raises and bonuses become hugely dependent on productivity and performance. Instead of paying for somebody to spend time in your office regardless of what they do, companies pay only for work completed. Some telecommuting employees work commission based only.

So what are these jobs? Below is our list. See if you can convert your office job into a Telecommuting one or make a career switch to any of these jobs. Good Luck!

A copywriter is a person who writes and sometimes designs sales advertisement. If you have sales and writing skills then take a shot at one of the best jobs in the world. Copywriters earn very high salaries and have control over their time. As long as the products are selling, you will be just fine. Copywriters usually hold a degree in marketing or advertising but it's not set in stone and anybody can become a copywriter.

Business Consultant
Because consultants spend a lot of time researching business opportunities, solitude is a requirement. There will be meetings with clients of course but for the majority of the time you can do your homework from anywhere.

Customer Service Executive
Your role is to make sure the customers are happy with the services or products of the company. There are two types of Customer Service Executives: the face to face type and the check over the phone or by email type. We are referring to latter here. Because you will be calling the customers or sending them emails, your presence in the company premises is not important. You will be receiving customer contact details from other departments by email. Working from home might be in some cases the only option if for example you have customers in remote countries and you need to call them in the middle of the night (your night not theirs).

Graphic Artist
Generally speaking, any job that involves digital deliveries is very much a Telecommuting Job. Graphic designers can make designs anywhere and anytime. The can deliver their work electronically through email. Very nice!

What has been said about Graphic Designers applies to programmers as well.

The perfect Telecommuting job! Not only can you decide about your daily working hours but also days! You may choose to take a break for a few days and continue later. As long as you respect your deadlines, nobody will ever ask you how you managed your time.

Sales Representative
Not a something you can do from home but on the other hand your time is all yours. You decide when to see your clients and where to see them. The company does not care how you organize your time as long as you meet the target.

Technical Support Personal
Provide support over the phone or the internet. You can do this from home but in this case you don't have control over your time. The company expects you to be ready in predefined times, but you are still working from home aren't you?

For those who are seeking a low responsibility job. Type whenever you feel comfortable but remember to meet the deadlines.

Translate scripts to other languages. Again your job does not require you to be available anywhere or anytime.

Edit books and articles. The only two times you need to go office is when you need to pick up new scripts or when you need to return them.

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