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7 Unconventional Job Hunting Techniques That You Should Try

We all know how hard and frustrating finding a job can be. In order to thrive in today's job market, you need to do things differently.

The methods listed below have a high conversion rate compared to traditional job hunting, i.e. applying on job sites, but they require a bit more effort

I am not saying that you should abandon the usual methods, but you should consider any of the tricks below if you ever find yourself stuck in the rejection loop and just had enough of it.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Send Your Resume as Shipment

    1. Send Your Resume as Shipment

    Be different than everyone else. Ship or drop the resume and cover letter yourself in a sealed envelope with the name of your target person on it. The recipient is guaranteed to read your resume and they will certainly know that you are dead serious about working there.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Send a Video Recorded Resume

    2. Send a Video Recorded Resume

    Be different, again! Who do you think has more chance of being considered to a job interview, a plain cold PDF resume or a vibrant video with a person talking? Upload your resume video to YouTube as a private video and send link to your targets.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Offer help or advice

    3. Offer help or advice

    Offer help or suggest ideas to the target person. Don't demand anything in return. Giving free advice shows that you are an expert in your field and that you are a good person.

    Example: a web security expert browses a company website and discovers a vulnerability. He contacts the IT Manager and warns them about it.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Volunteer

    4. Volunteer

    Fantastic technique if you are unemployed and have time. Offer your services at no charge to demonstrate your abilities. Suggest a mini project or ask them to tell you what help they need. If you successfully deliver, they might offer you a full-time job.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Part time job

    5. Part time job

    If the opportunity of a full time job is not available, you can always go for the part time option. Just like with volunteering and offering help, this is your way to impress and show the employer that you have what it takes to be part of the team.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique: Friends and Family

    6. Friends and Family

    Friends and family can be an excellent source of employment. In a recent study, we found out that almost 11% of all recently employed people managed to find their jobs through family, friends, and connections. Inform the people around you that you are on the hunt and share your CV with them.

  • Unconventional Job Hunting Technique:The Business Lunch

    7. The Business Lunch

    This is not for everyone but it works magic. It is intended for managers and above level. If you are in that category, write down your ideas on how to improve the business in a certain organization then contact the CEO and invite them to a business lunch where you pitch them your vision.

7 Unconventional Job Hunting Techniques That You Should Try

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