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12 Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone

Do you hate it that you have to deal with other human beings in the workplace? Some people work best if they are just left alone. Listed below are twelve jobs that require minimal interaction with others.

  • Editors/Proof Readers

    1. Editors/Proof Readers

    Because proofreading requires concentration, you will probably be alone in a quiet room somewhere most of the time.

  • Writers

    2. Writers

    Because you can write anywhere, you are not really restricted to be in any place with anyone.

  • Programmers

    3. Programmers

    If technology is your thing, consider being a software developer. Developers occasionally meet to discuss design and progress, otherwise, they would be alone coding most of the time.

  • Maintenance Jobs

    4. Maintenance Jobs

    Not all maintenance is done in a team. Plumbers and electricians can accomplish most tasks alone.

  • Freelancer

    5. Freelancer

    Accept projects from remote locations. Payment and delivery are done online without you ever having to leave your home. Examples: freelance programmers, freelance graphic designers, freelance writers, etc.

  • CCTV Surveillance Officer

    6. CCTV Surveillance Officer

    Not a high paying job but at least you will be alone. Lookout at a bunch of TV screens for abnormal activity. Simple, easy, and ISOLATED!

  • Graphic Designer

    7. Graphic Designer

    You will still have to meet with others to understand the requirements but for most of the time, you will be working on the designs by yourself.

  • Lab Technician

    8. Lab Technician

    No customer interaction here, but some limited interaction with fellow colleagues. Anyway, you will be working on samples most of the time so there should not be any Tissues (Troubling Issues) there.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    9. Medical Transcriptionist:

    The typical introvert job. Medical transcriptionists must be in a quiet room in order so that they can transcribe properly.

  • Painter

    10. Painter:

    Painters usually work as part of maintenance teams but the painting job itself can be accomplished individually.

  • Carpenter

    11. Carpenter:

    You will be needing some space to craft those wonderful wooden creations.

  • Librarian

    12. Librarian:

    Working with books all day in a completely silent room. What else can you ask for!?

12 Careers For People Who Like To Work Alone

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