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Best Paying Jobs in Indonesia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology58,493,561 IDR
2.   Internist51,211,216 IDR
3.   Naturopathic Physician47,994,153 IDR
4.   Forensic Pathologist43,998,701 IDR
5.   Perfusionist41,823,153 IDR
6.   Physician - Hospitalist38,005,522 IDR
7.   Physician - Generalist36,842,385 IDR
8.   Chief Executive Officer35,045,477 IDR
9.   Regional Director32,761,491 IDR
10.   Emergency Department Physician31,214,471 IDR
11.   General Medical Practitioner29,509,095 IDR
12.   Executive Manager28,960,108 IDR
13.   Managing Director28,445,672 IDR
14.   Mental Health Therapst27,599,457 IDR
15.   Genetic Counselor27,210,061 IDR
16.   Chief Marketing Officer 26,924,613 IDR
17.   Regional Sales Manager26,550,263 IDR
18.   Area Sales Director26,229,292 IDR
19.   Administrative Director25,996,033 IDR
20.   Deputy Managing Director25,758,506 IDR
21.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead25,520,979 IDR
22.   Professor - Law25,363,794 IDR
23.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer25,204,276 IDR
24.   Zone Manager24,921,619 IDR
25.   Chief Operating Officer24,751,535 IDR
26.   Political Scientist24,587,497 IDR
27.   Director of Operations24,498,550 IDR
28.   Business Development Manager24,338,152 IDR
29.   Audiologist24,265,064 IDR
30.   Professor - Chemistry24,192,008 IDR
31.   Economics Lecturer24,070,342 IDR
32.   Professor - Education23,976,748 IDR
33.   Biological Scientist23,822,061 IDR
34.   Purchasing Manager23,668,192 IDR
35.   Rehabilitation Services Manager23,587,177 IDR
36.   Information Technology Manager23,533,370 IDR
37.   Pharmaceutical Manager23,439,984 IDR
38.   Foundation Director23,339,289 IDR
39.   Membership Administration Manager23,266,374 IDR
40.   Emergency Management Director23,117,212 IDR
41.   Production Director22,869,112 IDR
42.   Natural Sciences Manager22,774,078 IDR
43.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager22,668,114 IDR
44.   Professor - Nursing22,575,105 IDR
45.   Financial Systems Manager22,444,782 IDR
46.   Geologist22,364,788 IDR
47.   University Teacher22,296,000 IDR
48.   Network and Infrastructure Manager22,174,760 IDR
49.   Derivative Trader22,039,548 IDR
50.   Government Affairs Representative21,908,788 IDR
51.   Product Marketing Executive21,764,861 IDR
52.   Loans Manager21,641,645 IDR
53.   Chief Information Security Officer21,531,003 IDR
54.   Occupational Health Safety Specialist21,445,103 IDR
55.   Interventional Radiographer21,347,254 IDR
56.   Cards Marketing Manager21,246,125 IDR
57.   Health Compliance Manager21,071,139 IDR
58.   Public Management Assistant Professor20,971,225 IDR
59.   Service Delivery Manager20,890,020 IDR
60.   Commercial Project Manager20,812,121 IDR
61.   Customer Service Manager20,699,001 IDR
62.   Private Sector Executive20,572,555 IDR
63.   Loan Audit Team Leader20,443,392 IDR
64.   Recreation Manager20,341,886 IDR
65.   Operations Training Specialist Head20,282,987 IDR
66.   Warehouse Manager20,235,112 IDR
67.   Environmental Scientist20,155,754 IDR
68.   Loan Collection Manager20,115,731 IDR
69.   Loan Area Manager20,036,143 IDR
70.   Operations Manager20,016,242 IDR
71.   Law Teacher19,943,588 IDR
72.   Assistant Product Manager19,877,984 IDR
73.   Fashion Store Manager19,769,998 IDR
74.   Customer Service Manager19,704,401 IDR
75.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist19,617,306 IDR
76.   Medical Records Director19,528,991 IDR
77.   Broadcasting Presenter19,445,737 IDR
78.   Actuary19,384,242 IDR
79.   Chief Pilot19,334,091 IDR
80.   Localization Manager19,278,684 IDR
81.   Guidance Director19,214,715 IDR
82.   Clinical School Psychologist19,160,681 IDR
83.   Clinical Neuropsychologist19,100,991 IDR
84.   Master Instructor19,046,791 IDR
85.   Operations Support Manager19,009,843 IDR
86.   Field Engineering Manager18,977,599 IDR
87.   Labor Relations Manager18,937,591 IDR
88.   Assistant Manager18,885,821 IDR
89.   Human Resources Executive18,843,187 IDR
90.   Information Technology Project Director18,807,861 IDR

How much money does a person working in Indonesia make?

15,696,457 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Indonesia typically earns around 15,696,457 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Bandung17,285,579 IDR
Jakarta17,901,553 IDR
Makasar15,718,244 IDR
Malang15,437,325 IDR
Medan16,976,601 IDR
Palembang16,340,160 IDR
Semarang16,029,532 IDR
Surabaya17,593,896 IDR
Surakarta15,139,241 IDR
Tangerang16,717,469 IDR
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