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Best Paying Jobs in Iran

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist190,620,416 IRR
2.   Surgeon - Burn167,289,264 IRR
3.   Radiologist153,643,463 IRR
4.   Physician - Rheumatology143,031,038 IRR
5.   Counseling Psychologist133,977,473 IRR
6.   Physician - Podiatry124,205,603 IRR
7.   Executive Director118,584,538 IRR
8.   Surgical Assistant111,306,838 IRR
9.   Physician - Geriatrics104,149,748 IRR
10.   Radiographer99,890,320 IRR
11.   Brand Executive96,751,665 IRR
12.   Director94,745,818 IRR
13.   Marketing Manager92,638,460 IRR
14.   Bank Operations Head90,560,923 IRR
15.   Government Affairs Director88,852,769 IRR
16.   Operations Manager87,964,837 IRR
17.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering86,802,258 IRR
18.   Litigation Attorney86,401,657 IRR
19.   Planning Director85,770,944 IRR
20.   Professor - Electrical Engineering84,911,515 IRR
21.   Sales Manager84,425,581 IRR
22.   Goods Manufacturing Practices83,644,632 IRR
23.   Operational Manager82,710,736 IRR
24.   Bank Operational Risk Manager82,226,117 IRR
25.   Supply Chain Director81,858,048 IRR
26.   Information Technology Project Manager81,246,159 IRR
27.   Quality Control Manager80,883,547 IRR
28.   Assistant Bank Manager80,467,939 IRR
29.   Human Resources Manager80,001,007 IRR
30.   Professor - Computer Science79,421,796 IRR
31.   Auditing Insurance Manager78,934,546 IRR
32.   Risk Management Director78,504,142 IRR
33.   Emergency Services Director78,122,462 IRR
34.   Director of Product Management77,474,046 IRR
35.   Operations Supervisor77,070,814 IRR
36.   Cash Management Manager76,829,771 IRR
37.   Professor - Rehabilitation76,677,034 IRR
38.   Neonatologist76,230,372 IRR
39.   Business Development Manager75,798,619 IRR
40.   Investment Operations Manager75,426,344 IRR
41.   Client Services Manager75,049,959 IRR
42.   Knowledge Manager74,709,112 IRR
43.   Project Manager74,294,835 IRR
44.   Sustainability Specialist73,757,512 IRR
45.   Trade Marketing Manager73,282,475 IRR
46.   Key Affiliate Manager72,907,406 IRR
47.   Bid Manager72,558,340 IRR
48.   General Manager72,113,042 IRR
49.   Digital Marketing Strategist 71,544,551 IRR
50.   Head of School71,168,199 IRR
51.   Human Resources Manager70,870,424 IRR
52.   Policy Administration Executive70,407,666 IRR
53.   Practice Manager70,107,098 IRR
54.   Geologist69,506,383 IRR
55.   Banking Operations Department Manager69,108,446 IRR
56.   Production Supervisor68,751,015 IRR
57.   Human Resources Executive68,202,859 IRR
58.   Human Resources Services Manager67,781,988 IRR
59.   Regional Manager67,427,205 IRR
60.   Client Delivery Manager67,232,418 IRR
61.   Geomatics Scientist66,680,201 IRR
62.   Plant Manager66,428,423 IRR
63.   Localization Manager66,165,860 IRR
64.   Project Portfolio Manager66,006,172 IRR
65.   Materials Scientist65,876,238 IRR
66.   Airline Pilot65,659,656 IRR
67.   Construction Project Manager65,391,619 IRR
68.   Warehouse Manager65,261,718 IRR
69.   Business Analyst65,064,187 IRR
70.   Social Scientist64,836,771 IRR
71.   Insurance Sales Director64,598,490 IRR
72.   Media Operations Manager64,422,738 IRR
73.   Implementation Manager64,289,849 IRR
74.   Regional Account Manager64,043,528 IRR
75.   Management Consultant63,906,919 IRR
76.   Talent Management Officer63,778,334 IRR
77.   Engineering Teacher63,610,525 IRR
78.   Warehouse Executive63,356,083 IRR
79.   Call Center Manager63,101,640 IRR
80.   Information Security Director63,006,740 IRR
81.   Visual Merchandising Projects Manager62,810,622 IRR
82.   Sports Manager62,621,065 IRR
83.   Insurance Project Manager62,511,515 IRR

How much money does a person working in Iran make?

52,376,541 IRR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Iran typically earns around 52,376,541 IRR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Tehran60,398,074 IRR
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