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Best Paying Jobs in Ireland

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Trauma12,785 EUR
2.   Chief of Psychology11,440 EUR
3.   Physician - Nuclear Medicine10,228 EUR
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist9,610 EUR
5.   CEO8,783 EUR
6.   Bank Manager8,263 EUR
7.   Surgical Assistant7,625 EUR
8.   Rehabilitation Director7,234 EUR
9.   Physical Therapy Director6,836 EUR
10.   Group Marketing Manager6,645 EUR
11.   Regional Sales Director6,513 EUR
12.   Head of Public Relations6,357 EUR
13.   Television Executive Producer6,269 EUR
14.   Marketing Manager6,170 EUR
15.   Operations Executive6,081 EUR
16.   Professor - Dentistry5,981 EUR
17.   Professor - Mathematics5,949 EUR
18.   Professor - Medical Administration5,906 EUR
19.   Sales and Marketing Director5,875 EUR
20.   Management Executive5,830 EUR
21.   Professor - Law5,785 EUR
22.   State Advisor5,739 EUR
23.   Head of Human Resources5,676 EUR
24.   Professor - Philosophy5,650 EUR
25.   Pharmaceutical Operations Excellence Manager5,620 EUR
26.   Purchasing Manager5,601 EUR
27.   Exploration Manager5,546 EUR
28.   Geothermal Production Manager5,502 EUR
29.   Attorney5,458 EUR
30.   Pharmaceutical Researcher5,437 EUR
31.   Aviation Manager5,388 EUR
32.   Business Manager5,349 EUR
33.   Department Manager5,305 EUR
34.   Credit Risk Analyst5,282 EUR
35.   Import and Export Manager5,262 EUR
36.   Supervisor5,215 EUR
37.   Professor - Social Work5,188 EUR
38.   Product Marketing Executive5,143 EUR
39.   Geophysicist5,122 EUR
40.   Bioinformatics Scientist5,091 EUR
41.   Portfolio Analyst 5,039 EUR
42.   Banking Product Manager4,991 EUR
43.   Geophysicist4,963 EUR
44.   Trade Marketing Executive4,922 EUR
45.   Quality Assurance Executive4,884 EUR
46.   Occupational Health Safety Specialist4,845 EUR
47.   Client Delivery Manager4,822 EUR
48.   Validation Manager4,803 EUR
49.   Mortgage Development Manager4,765 EUR
50.   Geomatics Scientist4,745 EUR
51.   Media Design Manager4,718 EUR
52.   Construction Project Manager4,690 EUR
53.   Quality Assurance Manager4,666 EUR
54.   Public Management Assistant Professor4,652 EUR
55.   Advertising Manager4,622 EUR
56.   Loan Branch Manager4,605 EUR
57.   Helicopter Pilot4,591 EUR
58.   Guidance Director4,568 EUR
59.   Clinical Research Manager4,540 EUR
60.   Debt Adviser4,522 EUR
61.   Art Lead4,507 EUR
62.   Interface Design Manager4,494 EUR
63.   Assistant Service Delivery Manager4,489 EUR
64.   Freelance Fashion Stylist4,473 EUR
65.   CME Specialist4,450 EUR
66.   Localization Manager4,439 EUR
67.   Major Incident Manager4,425 EUR
68.   Client Relationship Executive4,408 EUR
69.   Residential Property Manager4,393 EUR
70.   Procurement Analyst4,374 EUR
71.   Capacity Planning Supervisor4,361 EUR

How much money does a person working in Ireland make?

3,674 EUR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Ireland typically earns around 3,674 EUR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Cork4,121 EUR
Dublin4,313 EUR
Galway3,732 EUR
Limerick3,971 EUR
Waterford3,542 EUR
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