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Best Paying Jobs in Korea (North)

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist1,095,973 KPW
2.   Physician - Dermatology990,093 KPW
3.   Radiologist878,090 KPW
4.   Doctor818,597 KPW
5.   Pediatrician749,091 KPW
6.   Physician - Occupational Medicine715,828 KPW
7.   Surgical Assistant654,198 KPW
8.   Correctional Treatment Specialist614,544 KPW
9.   Registered Dietitian592,351 KPW
10.   Deputy CFO580,510 KPW
11.   Vice President561,074 KPW
12.   Global Wholesale Manager550,852 KPW
13.   Brand Executive537,364 KPW
14.   Bank Operational Risk Manager529,394 KPW
15.   Risk Management Director520,765 KPW
16.   Certified Respiratory Therapist514,167 KPW
17.   Professor - Environmental Engineering510,918 KPW
18.   Telecommunications Manager507,253 KPW
19.   Chief Product Officer503,314 KPW
20.   Planning Director501,271 KPW
21.   Chief Technology Officer498,944 KPW
22.   Head of Direct Sales495,769 KPW
23.   Professor - Special Education491,636 KPW
24.   Professor - Education487,461 KPW
25.   Real Estate General Manager484,220 KPW
26.   Market Development Manager479,592 KPW
27.   Head of Projects476,531 KPW
28.   Government Property Inspector473,607 KPW
29.   Territory Manager471,126 KPW
30.   Fundraising Director467,273 KPW
31.   Professor - History464,844 KPW
32.   Bank Propositions Manager462,042 KPW
33.   Biophysicist458,994 KPW
34.   Client Account Manager455,189 KPW
35.   Professor - Business Administration451,523 KPW
36.   Information Technology Project Manager448,722 KPW
37.   Due Diligence Analyst445,956 KPW
38.   Global Product Manager442,911 KPW
39.   Cards Marketing Manager440,564 KPW
40.   General Manager435,942 KPW
41.   Department Manager433,709 KPW
42.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist429,974 KPW
43.   Project Manager427,826 KPW
44.   Clinical Study Manager423,786 KPW
45.   Scientist421,049 KPW
46.   Assistant Finance Manager417,436 KPW
47.   Youth Development Manager415,447 KPW
48.   Assistant Vice President412,928 KPW
49.   Regional Manager410,569 KPW
50.   Enterprise Architecture Manager408,284 KPW
51.   Head of Department406,026 KPW
52.   Housing Manager404,613 KPW
53.   Product Development402,777 KPW
54.   Validation Manager400,910 KPW
55.   Supply Chain Development Manager398,733 KPW
56.   Lab Manager396,995 KPW
57.   Climate Change Analyst395,785 KPW
58.   Associate Marketing Manager394,283 KPW
59.   Telecommunication Solution Architect391,928 KPW
60.   Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Manager390,386 KPW
61.   Localization Manager388,518 KPW
62.   Health Information Manager386,650 KPW
63.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 384,985 KPW
64.   Airline Copilot382,613 KPW
65.   Contracts Executive381,614 KPW
66.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager380,428 KPW
67.   Pharmaceutical Research Associate379,552 KPW
68.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager378,041 KPW
69.   Assistant Information Technology Manager377,083 KPW
70.   Corporate Banker376,498 KPW
71.   Export Supervisor375,443 KPW

How much money does a person working in Korea (North) make?

317,890 KPW per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Korea (North) typically earns around 317,890 KPW per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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