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Best Paying Jobs in Malang

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Cardiology54,389,313 IDR
2.   Physician - Dermatology47,633,588 IDR
3.   Interventionist43,511,450 IDR
4.   Radiation Therapist40,934,370 IDR
5.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology38,272,901 IDR
6.   Pediatrician36,802,660 IDR
7.   Medical Director33,835,878 IDR
8.   Ophthalmologist32,281,294 IDR
9.   Regional Director of Operations30,380,920 IDR
10.   Physician - Ophthalmology29,006,908 IDR
11.   Optician27,787,053 IDR
12.   Brand Executive27,257,634 IDR
13.   Business Development Director26,793,893 IDR
14.   COO26,278,626 IDR
15.   Group Marketing Manager25,649,588 IDR
16.   Director of Sales25,428,607 IDR
17.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead25,180,523 IDR
18.   Brand Marketing24,812,977 IDR
19.   Ocean Services Manager24,571,397 IDR
20.   Sales Executive24,428,244 IDR
21.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer24,188,187 IDR
22.   Deputy General Manager23,939,679 IDR
23.   Global Technical Lead23,816,794 IDR
24.   Zone Manager23,617,168 IDR
25.   Inventory Accountant23,497,889 IDR
26.   Quality Assurance Manager23,358,779 IDR
27.   Vice President Sales23,244,275 IDR
28.   Director of Strategic Supplier Relations23,051,347 IDR
29.   Global Master Data Manager22,901,496 IDR
30.   Director of Client Services22,823,634 IDR
31.   Immigration Executive22,701,126 IDR
32.   Sales Admin Executive22,584,710 IDR
33.   Media Sales Manager22,468,294 IDR
34.   Professor - Marketing22,328,244 IDR
35.   Real Estate Project Director22,213,740 IDR
36.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager22,121,347 IDR
37.   Director of Product Management22,029,366 IDR
38.   Geothermal Production Manager21,945,802 IDR
39.   Group Head of Human Resources21,881,679 IDR
40.   Human Resources Executive Director21,770,038 IDR
41.   Engineering Lecturer21,693,882 IDR
42.   Head of Development21,538,168 IDR
43.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist21,395,038 IDR
44.   Recruiting Manager21,289,122 IDR
45.   Judge Advocate21,141,950 IDR
46.   Aviation Safety Manager21,033,229 IDR
47.   Physicist20,958,240 IDR
48.   Operations Analyst20,839,695 IDR
49.   Financial Banking Systems Manager20,739,504 IDR
50.   Health Services Manager20,592,756 IDR
51.   Investment Operations Manager20,507,634 IDR
52.   Foreign Exchange Manager20,384,748 IDR
53.   Bank Project Manager20,280,744 IDR
54.   R/D Director20,114,302 IDR
55.   Sales Account Manager20,012,198 IDR
56.   Investment Fund Manager19,910,095 IDR
57.   Project Sales Executive19,823,679 IDR
58.   E-Commerce Sales Manager19,660,305 IDR
59.   Associate Product Manager19,562,977 IDR
60.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager19,451,176 IDR
61.   Policy Change Director19,275,573 IDR
62.   Aviation Resources Manager19,216,832 IDR
63.   Export Logistics Manager19,145,038 IDR
64.   Human Resources Services Manager19,077,115 IDR
65.   Real Estate Appraiser18,983,599 IDR
66.   Project Portfolio Manager18,961,832 IDR
67.   Real Estate Project Manager18,881,679 IDR
68.   Management Consultant18,855,756 IDR
69.   Insurance Program Manager18,765,103 IDR
70.   Product Development18,701,542 IDR
71.   Loan Collection Manager18,609,538 IDR
72.   Enterprise Architecture Manager18,516,023 IDR
73.   Exchange Control Consultant18,458,015 IDR
74.   Biologist18,402,492 IDR
75.   Fleet Controller18,320,611 IDR
76.   Academic Manager18,235,477 IDR
77.   CME Specialist18,191,794 IDR
78.   Aviation Analyst18,130,534 IDR
79.   Data Scientist18,060,275 IDR
80.   Assistant Food and Beverage Director18,039,882 IDR
81.   Testing Manager17,973,447 IDR
82.   Spa Manager17,954,198 IDR
83.   Information Technology Sales Manager17,948,473 IDR
84.   Area Manager17,909,176 IDR
85.   Manufacturing Manager17,858,576 IDR
86.   Quality Assurance Analyst17,799,790 IDR
87.   Financial Customer Service Manager17,767,924 IDR
88.   Animal Scientist17,733,595 IDR
89.   Data Security Manager17,677,271 IDR
90.   Customer Relations Manager17,604,962 IDR

How much money does a person working in Malang make?

15,437,325 IDR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Malang typically earns around 15,437,325 IDR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.
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