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Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist27,388 MYR
2.   Clinical Psychologist23,712 MYR
3.   Prosthodontist21,589 MYR
4.   Obstetrician / Gynecologist20,126 MYR
5.   Radiology Manager18,772 MYR
6.   Orthotist17,785 MYR
7.   Physician - Generalist16,599 MYR
8.   Regional Director of Operations15,492 MYR
9.   Chief Corporate Officer14,899 MYR
10.   Physical Therapist14,110 MYR
11.   COO13,739 MYR
12.   Business Development Director13,472 MYR
13.   Nuclear Engineer13,205 MYR
14.   Planning Director13,001 MYR
15.   Town Planner12,845 MYR
16.   Financial Services Manager12,716 MYR
17.   Risk Management Director12,474 MYR
18.   Professor - Dentistry12,351 MYR
19.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist12,330 MYR
20.   Quality Assurance Manager12,212 MYR
21.   Planning Director12,171 MYR
22.   Public Relations Manager12,094 MYR
23.   Relationship Manager11,993 MYR
24.   Professor - Physical Therapy11,951 MYR
25.   Breast Center Manager11,856 MYR
26.   Professor - Economics11,761 MYR
27.   Professor - Drama11,703 MYR
28.   Human Resources Manager11,589 MYR
29.   General Manager11,501 MYR
30.   Director of Client Services11,476 MYR
31.   Head of Executive Search11,382 MYR
32.   Corporate Compliance Director11,329 MYR
33.   Procurement Manager11,264 MYR
34.   Marketing Communications Executive11,200 MYR
35.   Director of Technology11,135 MYR
36.   Head of Retail11,066 MYR
37.   Client Account Manager10,991 MYR
38.   Media Relations Manager10,908 MYR
39.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager10,869 MYR
40.   Financial Banking Systems Manager10,789 MYR
41.   eMarketing Manager10,719 MYR
42.   Commercial Sales Manager10,651 MYR
43.   Director of Talent Acquisition10,582 MYR
44.   Auditing Manager10,543 MYR
45.   Bank Programme Manager10,467 MYR
46.   Department Manager10,434 MYR
47.   National Customer Solution Specialist10,325 MYR
48.   Banking Product Manager10,263 MYR
49.   Credit Analyst10,176 MYR
50.   Global Product Manager10,137 MYR
51.   Clinical Operations Manager10,070 MYR
52.   Psychometrist9,979 MYR
53.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant9,974 MYR
54.   Marine Biologist9,880 MYR
55.   Education Researcher9,865 MYR
56.   Energy Advisor9,780 MYR
57.   Dental Therapist9,762 MYR
58.   Sociologist9,683 MYR
59.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist9,668 MYR
60.   Youth Development Manager9,586 MYR
61.   Lecturer9,574 MYR
62.   Training and Development Manager9,489 MYR
63.   Loan Audit Team Leader9,485 MYR
64.   Technical Service Director9,481 MYR
65.   Meteorologist9,464 MYR
66.   District Sales Manager9,390 MYR
67.   Education Consultant9,380 MYR
68.   Service Delivery Manager9,350 MYR
69.   Clinical Research Manager9,296 MYR
70.   Revenue Manager9,293 MYR
71.   Aircraft Maintenance Manager9,260 MYR
72.   Industrial Ecologist9,201 MYR
73.   Oil Trader9,199 MYR
74.   Behavioral Health Specialist9,189 MYR
75.   Project Manager9,159 MYR
76.   Laboratory Manager9,106 MYR

How much money does a person working in Malaysia make?

7,872 MYR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Malaysia typically earns around 7,872 MYR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Ampang7,161 MYR
Ipoh8,415 MYR
Johor Bahru7,931 MYR
Klang7,301 MYR
Kota Kinabalu7,816 MYR
Kuala Lumpur8,527 MYR
Kuching7,644 MYR
Petaling Jaya8,293 MYR
Shah Alam8,120 MYR
Subang Jaya7,449 MYR
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