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Best Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Invasive Cardiologist790,000 NGN
2.   Surgeon - Pediatric672,000 NGN
3.   Physician - Neurology624,000 NGN
4.   Internist607,000 NGN
5.   Prosthodontist581,000 NGN
6.   Physician - Pediatric Cardiology540,000 NGN
7.   Forensic Pathologist528,000 NGN
8.   Physician - Infectious Disease505,000 NGN
9.   Doctor489,000 NGN
10.   Radiology Manager465,000 NGN
11.   Chairman of The Board448,000 NGN
12.   Chief Executive Officer437,000 NGN
13.   Chief Financial Officer412,000 NGN
14.   Financial Director404,000 NGN
15.   Correctional Treatment Specialist392,000 NGN
16.   Physician - Otolaryngology378,000 NGN
17.   International Banking Manager366,000 NGN
18.   Executive360,000 NGN
19.   General Medical Practitioner357,000 NGN
20.   Optician352,000 NGN
21.   Group Branch Manager350,000 NGN
22.   Chief Marketing Officer 340,000 NGN
23.   Brand Manager339,000 NGN
24.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer338,000 NGN
25.   Professor - Medical Administration335,000 NGN
26.   Operations Manager333,000 NGN
27.   Director of Marketing331,000 NGN
28.   Supply Chain Director328,000 NGN
29.   Planning Director326,000 NGN
30.   Management Executive325,000 NGN
31.   Engagement Manager324,000 NGN
32.   Supply Chain Manager322,000 NGN
33.   Deputy Manager320,000 NGN
34.   Quality Director317,000 NGN
35.   Certified Respiratory Therapist315,000 NGN
36.   Fundraising Director313,000 NGN
37.   Chief Information Officer311,000 NGN
38.   Quality Manager310,000 NGN
39.   Commercial Leasing Manager308,000 NGN
40.   Chief Product Officer307,000 NGN
41.   Product Development Manager306,000 NGN
42.   Patent Attorney304,000 NGN
43.   Skin Care Specialist303,000 NGN
44.   Economics Lecturer301,000 NGN
45.   Recreation Director301,000 NGN
46.   Regional Manager299,000 NGN
47.   Knowledge Manager299,000 NGN
48.   Sales Admin Executive298,000 NGN
49.   National Account Manager298,000 NGN
50.   Auditing Insurance Manager296,000 NGN
51.   Relationship Manager295,000 NGN
52.   Professor - Marketing294,000 NGN
53.   Fraud Prevention Manager293,000 NGN
54.   Fraud Detection Manager292,000 NGN
55.   Professor - Architecture292,000 NGN
56.   Head of Middle Office291,000 NGN
57.   Professor - Geological Sciences290,000 NGN
58.   Professor - Legal Support290,000 NGN
59.   Patient Services Director289,000 NGN
60.   Product Development Manager289,000 NGN
61.   Breast Center Manager288,000 NGN
62.   Mining Project Manager287,000 NGN
63.   Production Director287,000 NGN
64.   Pharmaceutical Operations Excellence Manager286,000 NGN
65.   Chief Information Technology Officer285,000 NGN
66.   Media Production Manager283,000 NGN
67.   Commercial Sales Manager283,000 NGN
68.   Shopping Center Manager282,000 NGN
69.   Purchasing Manager281,000 NGN
70.   Life Scientist280,000 NGN
71.   Bioinformatics Scientist278,000 NGN
72.   Professor - Social Work278,000 NGN
73.   Clinical Scientist276,000 NGN
74.   Media Relations Manager275,000 NGN
75.   Clinical Laboratory Scientist274,000 NGN
76.   Global Product Manager273,000 NGN
77.   Chief of Police271,000 NGN
78.   Water Ecologist270,000 NGN
79.   Chief Human Resources Officer269,000 NGN
80.   Aviation Resources Manager268,000 NGN
81.   Professor - Rehabilitation267,000 NGN
82.   Quality Assurance Executive266,000 NGN
83.   Bank Operations Specialist265,000 NGN
84.   Distribution Manager265,000 NGN
85.   Government Affairs Advisor264,000 NGN
86.   Physical Scientist262,000 NGN
87.   Government Relations Associate262,000 NGN
88.   Digital Marketing Manager261,000 NGN
89.   Cards Marketing Manager261,000 NGN
90.   Bank Propositions Manager260,000 NGN
91.   Geomatics Scientist259,000 NGN
92.   ERP Project Manager258,000 NGN
93.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager256,000 NGN
94.   Chemist256,000 NGN
95.   Regional Restaurant Manager254,000 NGN
96.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager254,000 NGN
97.   Credit Manager253,000 NGN
98.   Training and Development Manager252,000 NGN
99.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist251,000 NGN
100.   Clinical Study Manager250,000 NGN
101.   Spa Manager250,000 NGN
102.   Credit Analyst249,000 NGN
103.   Real Estate Appraiser249,000 NGN
104.   Information Technology Project Manager248,000 NGN
105.   Project Development Manager248,000 NGN
106.   Finance Specialist247,000 NGN
107.   Clinical Molecular Geneticist247,000 NGN
108.   Clinical School Psychologist246,000 NGN
109.   Fashion Design Manager245,000 NGN
110.   Discount Brokerage Department Manager245,000 NGN
111.   Advanced Practice Provider244,000 NGN
112.   Laboratory Manager244,000 NGN
113.   Product and Brand Manager243,000 NGN
114.   Technology Director242,000 NGN
115.   Behavioral Health Specialist242,000 NGN
116.   Patient Safety Manager241,000 NGN
117.   Print Production Manager241,000 NGN
118.   Supply Chain Development Manager241,000 NGN
119.   Planning and Reporting Manager240,000 NGN
120.   Director of Facilities Management240,000 NGN
121.   Production Manager239,000 NGN
122.   Biomedical Engineering Director238,000 NGN
123.   Financial Reporting Manager238,000 NGN
124.   Infection Control Practitioner238,000 NGN
125.   Lab Manager237,000 NGN
126.   Advertising and Promotions Manager237,000 NGN
127.   Education Consultant236,000 NGN
128.   Chiropractor236,000 NGN
129.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist235,000 NGN
130.   Assistant Quality Manager235,000 NGN
131.   Service Manager235,000 NGN
132.   Electrical Engineering Manager234,000 NGN
133.   Art Lead234,000 NGN
134.   Dental Therapist234,000 NGN
135.   Web Applications Manager233,000 NGN
136.   Director of Learning Technology233,000 NGN
137.   Credit and Collection Manager232,000 NGN
138.   Interface Design Manager232,000 NGN
139.   Pharmaceutical Research Associate231,000 NGN
140.   Warehouse Executive231,000 NGN
141.   Aircraft Quality Assurance231,000 NGN
142.   Loan Quality Assurance Auditor231,000 NGN

How much money does a person working in Nigeria make?

Average Monthly Salary
205,000 NGN
( 2,460,000 NGN yearly)


A person working in Nigeria typically earns around 205,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 27,700 NGN (lowest average) to 907,000 NGN (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Benin City175,000 NGN
Ibadan195,000 NGN
Kaduna184,000 NGN
Kano203,000 NGN
Lagos212,000 NGN

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