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Best Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric1,527,995 NGN
2.   Internist1,381,332 NGN
3.   Physician - Pediatric Cardiology1,228,076 NGN
4.   Physician - Infectious Disease1,149,003 NGN
5.   Radiology Manager1,058,448 NGN
6.   Chief Executive Officer994,575 NGN
7.   Financial Director918,606 NGN
8.   Physician - Otolaryngology859,510 NGN
9.   Executive818,149 NGN
10.   Optician800,640 NGN
11.   Chief Marketing Officer 774,138 NGN
12.   Director of Sales768,532 NGN
13.   Marketing and Sales Head758,187 NGN
14.   Supply Chain Director744,908 NGN
15.   Management Executive739,178 NGN
16.   Supply Chain Manager732,027 NGN
17.   Telecommunications Manager721,238 NGN
18.   National Sales Manager712,165 NGN
19.   Quality Manager703,979 NGN
20.   Chief Product Officer697,704 NGN
21.   Patent Attorney691,701 NGN
22.   Economics Lecturer685,083 NGN
23.   Regional Manager680,901 NGN
24.   Sales Admin Executive678,284 NGN
25.   Auditing Insurance Manager673,965 NGN
26.   Professor - Marketing668,507 NGN
27.   Fraud Detection Manager664,892 NGN
28.   Head of Middle Office661,652 NGN
29.   Professor - Legal Support658,412 NGN
30.   Health Compliance Director656,229 NGN
31.   Mining Project Manager652,659 NGN
32.   Pharmaceutical Operations Excellence Manager650,465 NGN
33.   Media Production Manager644,381 NGN
34.   Shopping Center Manager641,153 NGN
35.   Trade Marketing Manager637,471 NGN
36.   Professor - Social Work631,126 NGN
37.   Media Relations Manager624,942 NGN
38.   Global Product Manager620,075 NGN
39.   Water Ecologist613,935 NGN
40.   Aviation Resources Manager608,569 NGN
41.   Quality Assurance Executive605,238 NGN
42.   Product Marketing Manager601,657 NGN
43.   Physical Scientist596,063 NGN
44.   Digital Marketing Manager594,061 NGN
45.   Bank Propositions Manager591,096 NGN
46.   ERP Project Manager586,138 NGN
47.   Chemist581,363 NGN
48.   E-Commerce Marketing Manager577,168 NGN
49.   Training and Development Manager572,711 NGN
50.   Clinical Study Manager569,425 NGN
51.   Credit Analyst567,299 NGN
52.   Restaurant Manager564,901 NGN
53.   Finance Specialist562,092 NGN
54.   Clinical School Psychologist559,341 NGN
55.   Account Manager556,260 NGN
56.   Operations Manager554,452 NGN
57.   Technology Director551,382 NGN
58.   Materials Scientist548,995 NGN
59.   Supply Chain Development Manager547,084 NGN
60.   Director of Facilities Management544,856 NGN
61.   Account Executive541,833 NGN
62.   Infection Control Practitioner540,740 NGN
63.   Advertising and Promotions Manager538,149 NGN
64.   Sonography Technologist536,170 NGN
65.   Assistant Quality Manager534,124 NGN
66.   Airlines Sales Director532,793 NGN
67.   Construction Project Manager531,418 NGN
68.   Director of Learning Technology530,031 NGN
69.   Interface Design Manager527,121 NGN
70.   Warehouse Executive525,779 NGN
71.   Loan Quality Assurance Auditor524,165 NGN

How much money does a person working in Nigeria make?

465,843 NGN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Nigeria typically earns around 465,843 NGN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Benin City396,799 NGN
Ibadan444,363 NGN
Kaduna418,404 NGN
Kano461,476 NGN
Lagos482,943 NGN
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