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Best Paying Jobs Nigeria

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Vice President5,000,000 NGN
2.   Legal Services Director3,000,000 NGN
3.   Chief Executive Officer2,700,000 NGN
4.   Water Treatment Superintendent2,108,333 NGN
5.   Equipment Engineer1,900,000 NGN
6.   Electric and Gas Operations Manager1,583,875 NGN
7.   Marketing Manager1,500,000 NGN
8.   Logistics Manager1,450,000 NGN
9.   Senior Insurance Underwriter1,450,000 NGN
10.   Sales Engineer1,200,000 NGN
11.   Controller1,116,000 NGN
12.   Engineer1,000,000 NGN
13.   Managing Director990,000 NGN
14.   Developer / Programmer (General)981,240 NGN
15.   Construction Manager890,000 NGN
16.   IT Manager850,000 NGN
17.   Contract Specialist800,000 NGN
18.   Project Manager729,167 NGN
19.   Human Resources Manager696,250 NGN
20.   Business Development Manager604,358 NGN
21.   Regional Sales Manager600,000 NGN
22.   Document Controller600,000 NGN
23.   General Manager600,000 NGN
24.   Engineer600,000 NGN
25.   Management Consultant600,000 NGN
26.   General Manager593,517 NGN
27.   Financial Controller572,222 NGN
28.   Financial Director540,000 NGN
29.   Web Designer500,000 NGN
30.   Executive Pastry Chef500,000 NGN
31.   Hotel Manager500,000 NGN
32.   Electrical Engineer500,000 NGN
33.   Environmental Manager450,000 NGN
34.   Project Manager420,556 NGN
35.   Project Manager380,000 NGN
36.   Software Architect360,000 NGN
37.   IT Support352,775 NGN
38.   Human Resources Assistant Manager350,000 NGN
39.   Clinical Research Associate350,000 NGN
40.   Finance Executive339,375 NGN
41.   Sales Support Manager331,333 NGN
42.   Accountant330,833 NGN
43.   Network Analyst330,000 NGN
44.   Operations Manager321,500 NGN
45.   Production Manager300,000 NGN
46.   Medical Administrator300,000 NGN
47.   Associate Analyst300,000 NGN
48.   Executive Personal Assistant300,000 NGN
49.   Plant Manager300,000 NGN
50.   Customer Service Manager298,875 NGN
51.   Quality Control Analyst287,500 NGN
52.   Financial Manager283,333 NGN
53.   IT Product Manager281,000 NGN
54.   Electrician280,000 NGN
55.   Inventory Control Manager271,000 NGN
56.   Employee Relations Manager240,000 NGN
57.   Human Resources Administrator240,000 NGN
58.   Senior Accountant236,667 NGN
59.   Biologist215,000 NGN
60.   Administrative Manager211,250 NGN
61.   Project Engineer205,000 NGN
62.   Safety Manager200,000 NGN
63.   Security Administrator200,000 NGN
64.   Payroll Manager200,000 NGN
65.   Branch Manager200,000 NGN
66.   Physician - Generalist189,000 NGN
67.   Data Analyst180,000 NGN
68.   Business Development Associate180,000 NGN
69.   Art Director180,000 NGN
70.   Recruiter170,000 NGN
71.   Design Engineer150,000 NGN
72.   Field Service Engineer Technician150,000 NGN
73.   Creative Director150,000 NGN
74.   Python Developer150,000 NGN
75.   Associate Creative Director150,000 NGN
76.   Sales Manager149,000 NGN
77.   Sales Engineer135,000 NGN
78.   Senior Research Executive134,000 NGN
79.   Project Manager128,000 NGN
80.   Assembly Supervisor125,000 NGN
81.   Architect120,000 NGN
82.   Facilities / Project Manager120,000 NGN
83.   Quality Control Supervisor110,000 NGN
84.   System Administrator104,500 NGN
85.   Human Resources (HR) Officer104,333 NGN
86.   Auditor100,000 NGN
87.   Corporate Treasurers100,000 NGN
88.   Chartered Accountant97,500 NGN
89.   NDT Technician90,000 NGN
90.   IT Administrator80,000 NGN
91.   Credit And Collection Staff70,000 NGN
92.   Network Administrator68,500 NGN
93.   General Maintenance Worker58,500 NGN
94.   Receptionist50,000 NGN
95.   Legal Officer41,683 NGN

How much money does a person working in Nigeria make?

502,463 NGN per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Nigeria typically earns around 502,463 NGN per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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