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Best Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Physician - Anesthesiology57,881 SAR
2.   Cardiology Manager49,470 SAR
3.   Physician - Endocrinology45,487 SAR
4.   Radiologist42,939 SAR
5.   Chief Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation40,629 SAR
6.   Physician - Pediatrics37,650 SAR
7.   Clinical Director35,949 SAR
8.   Chief Financial Officer34,339 SAR
9.   Healthcare Practitioner32,024 SAR
10.   Podiatrist30,501 SAR
11.   Physician - Pulmonary Medicine28,919 SAR
12.   Bank Operations Head28,330 SAR
13.   Director of Marketing27,800 SAR
14.   Physical Therapist27,270 SAR
15.   Head of Public Relations26,887 SAR
16.   College President26,463 SAR
17.   Deputy Manager26,104 SAR
18.   Operations Manager25,916 SAR
19.   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Lead25,786 SAR
20.   Information Technology Director25,443 SAR
21.   Head of Marketing25,270 SAR
22.   Head of Projects24,974 SAR
23.   Director of Product Management24,766 SAR
24.   Production Executive24,675 SAR
25.   Patent Attorney24,544 SAR
26.   Professor - Computer Science24,448 SAR
27.   Biological Scientist24,293 SAR
28.   Program Manager24,100 SAR
29.   Physicist24,001 SAR
30.   Associate Medical Affairs Director23,932 SAR
31.   Manufacturing Manager23,780 SAR
32.   Natural Sciences Manager23,679 SAR
33.   Medical Affairs Director23,594 SAR
34.   Information Technology Project Manager23,497 SAR
35.   Psychologist23,422 SAR
36.   Product Development Manager23,255 SAR
37.   Chief Technology Officer23,111 SAR
38.   Check Processing Manager23,000 SAR
39.   Professor - Legal Support22,840 SAR
40.   Head of Middle Office22,708 SAR
41.   Director of Training and Development22,605 SAR
42.   Information Systems Manager22,467 SAR
43.   Chief of Police22,368 SAR
44.   Product Marketing Manager22,240 SAR
45.   Director of Communications22,170 SAR
46.   Pharmaceutical Manager22,056 SAR
47.   Geologist21,917 SAR
48.   Information Technology Product Manager21,831 SAR
49.   Human Resources Manager21,689 SAR
50.   Campaign Manager21,582 SAR
51.   Corporate Affairs Executive21,481 SAR
52.   Human Resources Development Manager21,353 SAR
53.   Planning and Supply Manager21,225 SAR
54.   Director of Revenue Management21,099 SAR
55.   Private Sector Executive21,005 SAR
56.   Geomatics Scientist20,862 SAR
57.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager20,731 SAR
58.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager20,623 SAR
59.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager20,521 SAR
60.   District Sales Manager20,426 SAR
61.   Investment Analyst20,274 SAR
62.   ERP Project Manager20,139 SAR
63.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor20,017 SAR
64.   Key Account Manager19,935 SAR
65.   Market Research Manager19,875 SAR
66.   HSE Manager19,776 SAR
67.   Lead Technical Field Advisor19,696 SAR
68.   Real Estate Project Manager19,604 SAR
69.   Clinical Operations Manager19,557 SAR
70.   Occupational Therapist19,491 SAR
71.   Debt Adviser19,421 SAR
72.   Banking Reference Data Manager19,349 SAR
73.   Head Coach19,291 SAR
74.   Commercial Project Manager19,226 SAR
75.   Client Relations Manager19,184 SAR
76.   Insurance Program Manager19,148 SAR
77.   Energy Auditor19,092 SAR
78.   Internal Sales Manager19,053 SAR
79.   Journalist18,988 SAR
80.   Bankruptcy Coordinator18,907 SAR
81.   Solar Energy Installation Manager18,850 SAR
82.   Spa Manager18,795 SAR
83.   Mortgage Servicing Manager18,758 SAR
84.   Project Manager18,713 SAR
85.   Infection Control Practitioner18,683 SAR
86.   Change Communications Analyst18,630 SAR
87.   Paraprofessional18,569 SAR
88.   Director of Process Simplification18,533 SAR
89.   Master Instructor18,485 SAR
90.   Data Processing Manager18,434 SAR

How much money does a person working in Saudi Arabia make?

16,838 SAR per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Saudi Arabia typically earns around 16,838 SAR per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Abha15,978 SAR
Dammam16,565 SAR
Jeddah17,487 SAR
Khubar16,337 SAR
Mecca17,180 SAR
Medina16,873 SAR
Riyadh17,793 SAR
Tabuk15,311 SAR
Taif15,606 SAR
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