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Best Paying Jobs in United Kingdom

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Urologist16,589 GBP
2.   Interventionist14,387 GBP
3.   Physician - Endocrinology13,413 GBP
4.   Physician - Infectious Disease12,241 GBP
5.   Counseling Psychologist11,478 GBP
6.   Physician - Podiatry10,770 GBP
7.   Ophthalmologist10,072 GBP
8.   Surgical Assistant9,703 GBP
9.   Rehabilitation Director8,957 GBP
10.   International Banking Manager8,523 GBP
11.   Immunologist8,354 GBP
12.   Physician - Pain Medicine8,197 GBP
13.   Physical Therapist8,001 GBP
14.   Administrative Director7,793 GBP
15.   Regional Sales Manager7,702 GBP
16.   Zone Manager7,610 GBP
17.   Commercial Real Estate Manager7,524 GBP
18.   Professor - Environmental Engineering7,431 GBP
19.   Production Manager7,366 GBP
20.   Marketing and Sales Head7,308 GBP
21.   Professor - Computer Science7,277 GBP
22.   Director of Operations7,217 GBP
23.   Professor - Liberal Arts7,161 GBP
24.   Head of Projects7,110 GBP
25.   Hospitality Director7,082 GBP
26.   Legal Services Manager7,051 GBP
27.   Membership Administration Manager7,023 GBP
28.   Bank Operational Risk Manager6,970 GBP
29.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager6,940 GBP
30.   Vice President of Finance6,834 GBP
31.   Foundation Director6,802 GBP
32.   Professor - Education6,774 GBP
33.   Professor - Communication6,728 GBP
34.   Professor - Biology6,689 GBP
35.   Fundraising Director6,663 GBP
36.   Chief Information Technology Officer6,635 GBP
37.   Foreign Exchange Manager6,610 GBP
38.   Chief of Police6,569 GBP
39.   Fundraising Development Director6,523 GBP
40.   Assistant Managing Director6,492 GBP
41.   Chief Risk Officer6,441 GBP
42.   Risk Management Director6,414 GBP
43.   Department Head6,389 GBP
44.   Economist6,356 GBP
45.   Financial Systems Manager6,338 GBP
46.   Chief Information Security Officer6,305 GBP
47.   Marketing Distribution Executive6,248 GBP
48.   Assistant Operations Manager6,221 GBP
49.   Bank Programme Manager6,190 GBP
50.   Head of Development6,147 GBP
51.   Bid Manager6,091 GBP
52.   Director of Catering Services6,041 GBP
53.   Depot Manager6,001 GBP
54.   Clinical Research Manager5,966 GBP
55.   Energy Dispatch Director5,924 GBP
56.   Import and Export Consultant5,882 GBP
57.   Research Executive5,855 GBP
58.   Assistant Bank Branch Manager5,843 GBP
59.   Financial Bank Planning Consultant5,806 GBP
60.   Marketing Communications Manager5,784 GBP
61.   DNA Analyst5,758 GBP
62.   Talent Management Officer5,739 GBP
63.   Mental Health Counselor5,722 GBP
64.   Construction Project Manager5,700 GBP
65.   Validation Manager5,687 GBP
66.   HSE Manager5,658 GBP
67.   Sales Officer 5,635 GBP
68.   Medical Records Director5,621 GBP
69.   Pharmaceutical Research Associate5,601 GBP
70.   Operations Training Specialist Head5,589 GBP
71.   Change Management5,569 GBP
72.   Medical Office Manager5,553 GBP
73.   Client Relations Manager5,537 GBP
74.   Bank Accounts Manager5,518 GBP
75.   Psychology Teacher5,496 GBP
76.   Finance Analyst5,476 GBP
77.   Recruitment Consultant5,460 GBP
78.   Advertising and Promotions Manager5,453 GBP
79.   Clinical Biochemist5,442 GBP
80.   Information Technology Quality Assurance Manager5,430 GBP
81.   Business Operations Associate5,416 GBP
82.   Learning and Development Manager5,398 GBP
83.   Associate Director5,385 GBP

How much money does a person working in United Kingdom make?

4,627 GBP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in United Kingdom typically earns around 4,627 GBP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By State

StateAverage Salary
England8,801 GBP
Northern Ireland4,224 GBP
Scotland6,492 GBP
Wales4,396 GBP
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