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Best Paying Jobs in Brazil

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Pediatric39,792 BRL
2.   Physician - Dermatology34,449 BRL
3.   Radiation Therapist31,265 BRL
4.   Neurologist29,701 BRL
5.   Nuclear Medicine Physician27,571 BRL
6.   Dentist26,191 BRL
7.   Group Financial Manager24,683 BRL
8.   Optometrist23,435 BRL
9.   Financial Manager21,828 BRL
10.   Physiotherapist21,224 BRL
11.   Vice President20,194 BRL
12.   Speech and Language Pathologist19,761 BRL
13.   Marketing Manager19,377 BRL
14.   Deputy Head of Finance19,023 BRL
15.   Deputy Director18,770 BRL
16.   Bank Operations Head18,554 BRL
17.   Area Sales Director18,418 BRL
18.   Sales Director18,105 BRL
19.   Territory Sales Manager17,859 BRL
20.   Fundraising Director17,736 BRL
21.   Commercial Director17,685 BRL
22.   Professor - Accounting17,565 BRL
23.   Property Operations Manager17,440 BRL
24.   Business Development Manager17,395 BRL
25.   Sales Manager17,232 BRL
26.   Professor - Physical Therapy17,190 BRL
27.   Product Development Manager17,054 BRL
28.   Professor - Sociology16,937 BRL
29.   Professor - Communication16,849 BRL
30.   Psychologist16,713 BRL
31.   Professor - Biology16,601 BRL
32.   Production Manager16,507 BRL
33.   Vice President Sales16,372 BRL
34.   University Teacher16,343 BRL
35.   Professor - Music16,259 BRL
36.   Marketing and Business Development Manager16,201 BRL
37.   Chief Human Resources Officer16,102 BRL
38.   Economics Lecturer16,016 BRL
39.   Head of Retail15,916 BRL
40.   Import and Procurement Manager15,809 BRL
41.   Technical Manager15,689 BRL
42.   Sales Manager15,645 BRL
43.   Relationship Manager15,553 BRL
44.   Government Relations Associate15,490 BRL
45.   Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Manager15,348 BRL
46.   Network and Infrastructure Manager15,301 BRL
47.   Interventional Radiographer15,214 BRL
48.   Clinical Scientist15,144 BRL
49.   Credit Risk Analyst15,055 BRL
50.   Energy Dispatch Director14,931 BRL
51.   Digital Marketing Manager14,852 BRL
52.   Banking Product Manager14,762 BRL
53.   Property Manager14,637 BRL
54.   Geophysicist14,581 BRL
55.   Branch Manager14,491 BRL
56.   Director of Research14,474 BRL
57.   Assistant Product Manager14,351 BRL
58.   Regional Manager14,337 BRL
59.   Physical Scientist14,206 BRL
60.   Lab Manager14,176 BRL
61.   Localization Manager14,060 BRL
62.   Insurance Program Manager14,042 BRL
63.   Academic Manager13,928 BRL
64.   Human Resources Deputy Manager 13,907 BRL
65.   Youth Development Manager13,789 BRL
66.   Fashion Design Manager13,771 BRL
67.   Labor Relations Manager13,745 BRL
68.   Claims Manager13,643 BRL
69.   Marketing Communications Manager13,636 BRL
70.   SEO Manager13,625 BRL
71.   Supply Chain Development Manager13,510 BRL
72.   Fashion Store Manager13,501 BRL
73.   Human Resources Officer13,481 BRL
74.   Service Delivery Manager13,449 BRL
75.   Warehouse Manager13,371 BRL
76.   Corporate Recruiter13,366 BRL
77.   Fraud Detection Supervisor13,320 BRL
78.   Social Scientist13,234 BRL
79.   Oil Trader13,231 BRL
80.   Behavioral Health Specialist13,217 BRL
81.   Hairstylist13,174 BRL
82.   Security Management Specialist13,155 BRL
83.   Operations Training Specialist Head13,095 BRL

How much money does a person working in Brazil make?

11,323 BRL per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Brazil typically earns around 11,323 BRL per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Aracaju11,327 BRL
Belem12,256 BRL
Belo Horizonte12,628 BRL
Brasilia13,043 BRL
Campinas11,891 BRL
Cuiaba11,186 BRL
Curitiba12,467 BRL
Fortaleza12,795 BRL
Goiania12,150 BRL
Joao Pessoa11,413 BRL
Londrina11,099 BRL
Macapa11,012 BRL
Maceio11,747 BRL
Manaus12,634 BRL
Maringa10,632 BRL
Natal11,606 BRL
Petrolina and Juazeiro10,363 BRL
Porto Alegre11,938 BRL
Recife12,313 BRL
Rio de Janeiro13,082 BRL
Salvador12,887 BRL
Santos10,648 BRL
Sao Luis11,854 BRL
Sao Paulo13,186 BRL
Teresina11,521 BRL
Vale do Aco10,882 BRL
Vitoria10,401 BRL
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