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[1]   Public Relations Manager (Public Relations)35,000 BRL
[2]   Vice President (Executive and Management)32,333 BRL
[3]   Geologist (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)31,667 BRL
[4]   Corporate Director (Executive and Management)29,167 BRL
[5]   Chief Information Technology Officer (Information Technology)29,167 BRL
[6]   Chief Operating Officer (Executive and Management)28,375 BRL
[7]   General Manager (Executive and Management)28,067 BRL
[8]   Legal Services Director (Legal)25,000 BRL
[9]   Area Manager (Executive and Management)25,000 BRL
[10]   Police Officer (Law Enforcement / Security / Fire)25,000 BRL
[11]   Managing Director (Executive and Management)24,167 BRL
[12]   Regional Director (Executive and Management)23,728 BRL
[13]   IT Manager (Information Technology)23,606 BRL
[14]   Area Director (Executive and Management)22,500 BRL
[15]   Director of Facilities Management (Executive and Management)22,500 BRL
[16]   Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)22,058 BRL
[17]   Product Development (Marketing)20,833 BRL
[18]   Commercial Real Estate Manager (Real Estate)20,000 BRL
[19]   Business Process Consultant (Information Technology)20,000 BRL
[20]   Accounts Payable Clerk (Accounting and Finance)18,333 BRL
[21]   Zone Manager (Executive and Management)18,108 BRL
[22]   Market Development Manager (Marketing)18,000 BRL
[23]   Development Manager (Information Technology)17,300 BRL
[24]   Marketing Specialist (Marketing)17,000 BRL
[25]   Enterprise Architecture Manager (Information Technology)17,000 BRL
[26]   Market Research Manager (Marketing)16,667 BRL
[27]   Production Manager (Factory and Manufacturing)16,000 BRL
[28]   Quality Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)15,000 BRL
[29]   Electric and Gas Operations Manager (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)15,000 BRL
[30]   Project Manager (Engineering)15,000 BRL
[31]   Project Manager (Executive and Management)14,875 BRL
[32]   Accounting Manager (Accounting and Finance)14,500 BRL
[33]   Manufacturing Manager (Factory and Manufacturing)14,500 BRL
[34]   Engineer (Engineering)13,639 BRL
[35]   Physician - Cardiology (Health and Medical)13,000 BRL
[36]   Life Scientist (Science and Technical Services)12,750 BRL
[37]   Maintenance Engineer (Engineering)12,500 BRL
[38]   Chief Information Security Officer (Information Technology)12,000 BRL
[39]   Financial Manager (Accounting and Finance)12,000 BRL
[40]   Sales Support Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)12,000 BRL
[41]   Professor - Medicine (Teaching / Education)12,000 BRL
[42]   Controller (Accounting and Finance)12,000 BRL
[43]   Physician - Anesthesiology (Health and Medical)12,000 BRL
[44]   Financial Controller (Accounting and Finance)11,975 BRL
[45]   Art Director (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)11,750 BRL
[46]   Electrical Engineering Manager (Engineering)11,000 BRL
[47]   Financial Applications Specialist (Accounting and Finance)11,000 BRL
[48]   Product Development Engineer (Engineering)10,875 BRL
[49]   Compensation Analyst (Human Resources)10,632 BRL
[50]   Supply Chain Manager (Purchasing and Inventory)10,500 BRL
[51]   Sales Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)10,000 BRL
[52]   Construction Supervisor (Construction / Building / Installation)10,000 BRL
[53]   Windows System Administrator (Information Technology)10,000 BRL
[54]   Foreman (Construction / Building / Installation)10,000 BRL
[55]   Account Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)10,000 BRL
[56]   Construction Manager (Construction / Building / Installation)10,000 BRL
[57]   Design Engineer (Engineering)9,833 BRL
[58]   Project Manager (Business Planning)9,500 BRL
[59]   Marketing Manager (Marketing)9,375 BRL
[60]   Technical Sales (Information Technology)9,222 BRL
[61]   HRIS Manager (Human Resources)9,200 BRL
[62]   Management Consultant (Executive and Management)9,000 BRL
[63]   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine (Health and Medical)8,333 BRL
[64]   Telecommunications Analyst (Telecommunication)8,000 BRL
[65]   E-Commerce Sales Manager (Information Technology)8,000 BRL
[66]   Project Manager (Construction / Building / Installation)7,889 BRL
[67]   Human Resources Manager (Human Resources)7,555 BRL
[68]   Systems Consultant (Information Technology)7,500 BRL
[69]   Telecommunications Engineer (Telecommunication)7,500 BRL
[70]   Product Engineer (Engineering)7,450 BRL
[71]   Financial Analyst (Accounting and Finance)7,233 BRL
[72]   Process Engineer (Engineering)7,063 BRL
[73]   Mechanical Engineer (Engineering)7,000 BRL
[74]   Technician (Automotive)7,000 BRL
[75]   Retail Store Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)7,000 BRL
[76]   Media Planner (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)7,000 BRL
[77]   PHP Developer (Information Technology)7,000 BRL
[78]   Office Manager (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)7,000 BRL
[79]   Financial Accountant (Accounting and Finance)7,000 BRL
[80]   Supervisor (Executive and Management)7,000 BRL
[81]   Database Administrator (Information Technology)7,000 BRL
[82]   Physicist (Science and Technical Services)6,700 BRL
[83]   Architect (Architecture)6,694 BRL
[84]   Security Specialist (Information Technology)6,667 BRL
[85]   Print Production Manager (Publishing and Printing)6,667 BRL
[86]   Quality Manager (Executive and Management)6,583 BRL
[87]   Project Manager (Information Technology)6,567 BRL
[88]   Business Systems Analyst (Information Technology)6,567 BRL
[89]   Systems Analyst (Information Technology)6,417 BRL
[90]   Software Architect (Information Technology)6,400 BRL
[91]   Electrical Engineer (Engineering)6,288 BRL
[92]   C# Developer (Information Technology)6,250 BRL
[93]   Quality Assurance Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)6,200 BRL
[94]   Civil Engineer (Engineering)6,020 BRL
[95]   Fundraising Manager (Fundraising and Non Profit)6,000 BRL
[96]   Auditor (Quality Control and Compliance)6,000 BRL
[97]   Customer Service Representative (Customer Service and Call Center)6,000 BRL
[98]   Market Research Analyst (Marketing)6,000 BRL
[99]   Purchasing Manager (Purchasing and Inventory)5,900 BRL
[100]   Marine Engineer (Engineering)5,800 BRL
[101]   Attorney (Legal)5,625 BRL
[102]   IT Support (Information Technology)5,590 BRL
[103]   Software Support Engineer (Information Technology)5,500 BRL
[104]   Executive Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)5,417 BRL
[105]   Business Analyst (Information Technology)5,056 BRL
[106]   Chauffeur (Courier / Delivery / Transport / Drivers)5,026 BRL
[107]   VB.NET Developer (Information Technology)5,000 BRL
[108]   Network Engineer (Information Technology)5,000 BRL
[109]   Network Administrator (Information Technology)5,000 BRL
[110]   Consultant (Information Technology)5,000 BRL
[111]   Accounts Manager (Banking)5,000 BRL
[112]   Surgeon - Cardiothoracic (Health and Medical)5,000 BRL
[113]   Import Logistics Specialist (Import and Export)4,800 BRL
[114]   Web Developer (Information Technology)4,750 BRL
[115]   Java Developer (Information Technology)4,687 BRL
[116]   Development Coordinator (Fundraising and Non Profit)4,550 BRL
[117]   Biomedical Engineer (Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology)4,500 BRL
[118]   Automotive Sales (Automotive)4,200 BRL
[119]   Developer / Programmer (General) (Information Technology)4,150 BRL
[120]   Marketing Analyst (Marketing)4,000 BRL
[121]   Webmaster (Information Technology)4,000 BRL
[122]   Production Director (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)4,000 BRL
[123]   Communications Specialist (Public Relations)4,000 BRL
[124]   Biologist (Science and Technical Services)4,000 BRL
[125]   Assembly Supervisor (Factory and Manufacturing)4,000 BRL
[126]   Network Technician (Information Technology)3,961 BRL
[127]   Vehicle Painters (Automotive)3,750 BRL
[128]   Web Promotions Specialist (Information Technology)3,600 BRL
[129]   Administrative Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)3,500 BRL
[130]   Export Services Manager (Import and Export)3,400 BRL
[131]   Government Affairs Representative (Government and Defence)3,136 BRL
[132]   Marketing Advisor (Marketing)3,000 BRL
[133]   Assistant Operations Manager (Executive and Management)3,000 BRL
[134]   Restaurant Manager (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)3,000 BRL
[135]   ERP Analyst (Information Technology)2,930 BRL
[136]   Business Consultant (Business Planning)2,800 BRL
[137]   Flash Developer (Information Technology)2,700 BRL

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