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Best Paying Jobs in Brazil 2020

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Surgeon - Cardiothoracic46,000 BRL
2.   Physician - Anesthesiology40,600 BRL
3.   Physician - Internal Medicine36,900 BRL
4.   Surgeon - Trauma35,500 BRL
5.   Naturopathic Physician34,100 BRL
6.   Orthodontist32,700 BRL
7.   Physician - Endocrinology31,700 BRL
8.   Obstetrician31,000 BRL
9.   Forensic Pathologist30,100 BRL
10.   Physician - Infectious Disease29,400 BRL
11.   Physician - Physiatry28,200 BRL
12.   Physician - Maternal / Fetal Medicine27,600 BRL
13.   Radiology Manager27,000 BRL
14.   Physician - Pathology26,300 BRL
15.   Pediatrician25,900 BRL
16.   Orthotist25,600 BRL
17.   Physician - Occupational Medicine24,600 BRL
18.   Executive Director23,900 BRL
19.   Director of Finance23,600 BRL
20.   Physician - Family Practice22,700 BRL
21.   Correctional Treatment Specialist22,200 BRL
22.   General Medical Practitioner21,700 BRL
23.   Allergist21,500 BRL
24.   Physiotherapist21,200 BRL
25.   Global Wholesale Manager20,700 BRL
26.   Physical Therapist20,300 BRL
27.   Optician20,100 BRL
28.   Executive Manager19,900 BRL
29.   Group Marketing Manager19,700 BRL
30.   Brand Marketing19,500 BRL
31.   Marketing Manager19,400 BRL
32.   Operations Executive19,200 BRL
33.   Regional Sales Manager19,000 BRL
34.   Investment Advisor19,000 BRL
35.   Head of Marketing18,900 BRL
36.   Deputy Director18,800 BRL
37.   Registered Respiratory Therapist18,700 BRL
38.   Sales Manager18,600 BRL
39.   Town Planner18,500 BRL
40.   Sales Director18,500 BRL
41.   Professor - Electrical Engineering18,400 BRL
42.   Commercial Real Estate Manager18,200 BRL
43.   Sales and Marketing Director18,100 BRL
44.   Zone Manager17,900 BRL
45.   Legal Services Manager17,900 BRL
46.   Distribution Manager17,800 BRL
47.   Project Control Manager17,800 BRL
48.   Fundraising Director17,700 BRL
49.   Physical Therapist17,700 BRL
50.   Television Executive Producer17,700 BRL
51.   Supply Operations Manager17,600 BRL
52.   Professor - Accounting17,600 BRL
53.   Manufacturing Manager17,600 BRL
54.   Engagement Manager17,500 BRL
55.   Property Operations Manager17,400 BRL
56.   Biological Scientist17,400 BRL
57.   Public Relations Manager17,400 BRL
58.   Marketing Manager17,400 BRL
59.   Shopping Center Manager17,300 BRL
60.   Recreation Director17,200 BRL
61.   Director of Production Planning17,200 BRL
62.   Academic Clinician17,200 BRL
63.   Professor - Mechanical Engineering17,100 BRL
64.   Bank Regional Manager17,100 BRL
65.   Breast Center Manager17,100 BRL
66.   Operational Manager17,000 BRL
67.   Litigation Attorney17,000 BRL
68.   General Counsel16,900 BRL
69.   Administrative Law Judge16,900 BRL
70.   Associate Medical Affairs Director16,800 BRL
71.   Hotel Manager16,800 BRL
72.   Auditing Insurance Manager16,700 BRL
73.   Professor - Business Administration16,700 BRL
74.   Media Sales Manager16,600 BRL
75.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager16,600 BRL
76.   Product Development Manager16,500 BRL
77.   Professor - Civil Engineering16,500 BRL
78.   Pharmaceutical Researcher16,500 BRL
79.   Director of Operations16,400 BRL
80.   Lawyer16,400 BRL
81.   Executive Human Capital Management16,400 BRL
82.   Knowledge Manager16,300 BRL
83.   Corporate Compliance Director16,300 BRL
84.   Professor - Music16,300 BRL
85.   State Advisor16,200 BRL
86.   Marketing and Business Development Manager16,200 BRL
87.   Information Technology Manager16,200 BRL
88.   Mortgage Operations Manager16,100 BRL
89.   Department Head16,100 BRL
90.   Legal Executive16,100 BRL
91.   Director of Technology16,000 BRL
92.   ATM Manager16,000 BRL
93.   Head of Supply Chain15,900 BRL
94.   Distribution Director15,900 BRL
95.   Chairman Office Manager15,900 BRL
96.   Community Development Manager15,800 BRL
97.   Chief of Police15,800 BRL
98.   Natural Sciences Manager15,700 BRL
99.   Information Technology Project Manager15,700 BRL
100.   Equity Analyst15,700 BRL
101.   Health Services Manager15,600 BRL
102.   Atmospheric and Space Scientist15,600 BRL
103.   Pharmaceutical Sales Manager15,600 BRL
104.   Credit Manager15,500 BRL
105.   Corporate Affairs Executive15,500 BRL
106.   Ecologist15,500 BRL
107.   Assistant Operations Manager15,400 BRL
108.   Distribution Manager15,300 BRL
109.   Aviation Manager15,300 BRL
110.   Finance Relationship Manager15,300 BRL
111.   Head of Middle Office15,300 BRL
112.   Depot Manager15,200 BRL
113.   Director of Catering Services15,200 BRL
114.   Financial Banking Analysis Manager15,200 BRL
115.   Clinician15,200 BRL
116.   Production Supervisor15,100 BRL
117.   Risk Modeling Manager15,100 BRL
118.   Investment Operations Manager15,000 BRL
119.   Bioinformatics Scientist15,000 BRL
120.   Energy Dispatch Director14,900 BRL
121.   Tax Research Manager14,900 BRL
122.   Insurance Manager14,900 BRL
123.   Six Sigma Black Belt14,800 BRL
124.   Chemist14,800 BRL
125.   Aviation Safety Manager14,800 BRL
126.   Relationship Manager14,700 BRL
127.   Aircraft Pilot14,600 BRL
128.   District Manager14,600 BRL
129.   Product Executive14,600 BRL
130.   Global Product Manager14,600 BRL
131.   Service Delivery Manager14,500 BRL
132.   Duty Manager14,500 BRL
133.   Clinical Operations Manager14,500 BRL
134.   Retention Executive14,500 BRL
135.   Research Executive14,400 BRL
136.   Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager14,400 BRL
137.   Cluster Director14,400 BRL
138.   Business Intelligence Manager14,300 BRL
139.   Project Manager14,300 BRL
140.   Aviation Resources Manager14,300 BRL
141.   Legal Advisor14,200 BRL
142.   Lab Manager14,200 BRL
143.   Contracts Executive14,200 BRL
144.   Bank Operations Specialist14,200 BRL
145.   Loan Collection and Recovery Manager14,100 BRL
146.   Associate Marketing Manager14,100 BRL
147.   Product Quality Leader14,100 BRL
148.   Construction Project Manager14,000 BRL
149.   Contracts Manager14,000 BRL
150.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager13,900 BRL
151.   Asset Protection Associate13,900 BRL
152.   Online Marketing Manager13,900 BRL
153.   Financial Reporting Manager13,900 BRL
154.   Quality Executive13,900 BRL
155.   Operations Manager 13,900 BRL
156.   Youth Development Manager13,800 BRL
157.   Finance Analyst13,800 BRL
158.   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist13,800 BRL
159.   KYC Team Leader13,800 BRL
160.   Credit Risk Associate13,800 BRL
161.   Low Vision Therapist13,700 BRL
162.   HSE Manager13,600 BRL
163.   Claims Manager13,600 BRL
164.   Management Consultant13,600 BRL
165.   Telecommunication Solution Architect13,600 BRL
166.   Marketing Communications Manager13,600 BRL
167.   Policy Change Director13,600 BRL
168.   Broadcasting Presenter13,600 BRL
169.   Meteorologist13,600 BRL
170.   Energy Auditor13,600 BRL
171.   Actuarial Analyst13,500 BRL
172.   Pharmaceutical Quality Auditor13,500 BRL
173.   Data Security Manager13,500 BRL
174.   Chief People Officer13,500 BRL
175.   Logistics Manager13,500 BRL
176.   Area Manager13,500 BRL
177.   Network Administration Team Lead13,400 BRL
178.   Testing Manager13,400 BRL
179.   Warehouse Manager13,400 BRL
180.   Quality Assurance Manager13,400 BRL
181.   Export Logistics Manager13,400 BRL
182.   Internal Sales Manager13,400 BRL
183.   E-Commerce Manager13,400 BRL
184.   Engineering Teacher13,400 BRL
185.   Fraud Detection Supervisor13,300 BRL
186.   Environmental Health and Safety Manager13,300 BRL
187.   Quality Assurance Manager13,200 BRL
188.   Quality Manager13,200 BRL
189.   Bank Accounts Manager13,200 BRL
190.   Talent Management Officer13,200 BRL
191.   Youth Care Counselor13,200 BRL
192.   Quality Assurance Executive13,200 BRL
193.   Operations Support Manager13,200 BRL
194.   E-Commerce Marketing Analyst13,200 BRL
195.   Hydrologist13,200 BRL
196.   Forensic Scientist13,200 BRL
197.   Production Manager13,100 BRL
198.   Art Director13,100 BRL
199.   Mortgage Processing Manager13,100 BRL
200.   Approval Team Manager13,100 BRL

How much money does a person working in Brazil make?

Average Monthly Salary
11,300 BRL
( 136,000 BRL yearly)


A person working in Brazil typically earns around 11,300 BRL per month. Salaries range from 1,530 BRL (lowest average) to 50,100 BRL (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries vary drastically between different careers. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Aracaju11,300 BRL
Belem12,300 BRL
Belo Horizonte12,600 BRL
Brasilia13,000 BRL
Campinas11,900 BRL
Cuiaba11,200 BRL
Curitiba12,500 BRL
Fortaleza12,800 BRL
Goiania12,200 BRL
Joao Pessoa11,400 BRL
Londrina11,100 BRL
Macapa11,000 BRL
Maceio11,700 BRL
Manaus12,600 BRL
Maringa10,600 BRL
Natal11,600 BRL
Petrolina and Juazeiro10,400 BRL
Porto Alegre11,900 BRL
Recife12,300 BRL
Rio de Janeiro13,100 BRL
Salvador12,900 BRL
Santos10,600 BRL
Sao Luis11,900 BRL
Sao Paulo13,200 BRL
Teresina11,500 BRL
Vale do Aco10,900 BRL
Vitoria10,400 BRL

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