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Best Paying Jobs in Colombia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist19,251,525 COP
2.   Anesthesiologist17,087,323 COP
3.   Radiation Therapist15,557,889 COP
4.   Psychiatrist14,637,811 COP
5.   Physician - Obstetrics / Gynecology13,586,162 COP
6.   Counseling Psychologist13,012,016 COP
7.   Operating Room Services Director12,229,982 COP
8.   Optometrist11,481,782 COP
9.   Capital Risk Manager10,960,025 COP
10.   Franchise Manager10,420,392 COP
11.   Emergency Department Physician9,897,271 COP
12.   General Manager9,825,141 COP
13.   Marketing Director9,473,973 COP
14.   COO9,245,574 COP
15.   Anatomic Pathology Supervisor9,171,395 COP
16.   Astronomer9,078,818 COP
17.   Professor - Electrical Engineering8,963,837 COP
18.   Deputy Manager8,879,060 COP
19.   Magistrate Judge8,780,937 COP
20.   Manager8,664,934 COP
21.   Professor - Medicine8,522,007 COP
22.   Government Affairs Director8,445,412 COP
23.   Genetic Counselor8,419,020 COP
24.   Supply Operations Manager8,383,626 COP
25.   Technical Services Research and Development Manager8,323,859 COP
26.   Chief Product Officer8,289,482 COP
27.   Producer8,234,530 COP
28.   Litigation Paralegal8,210,776 COP
29.   Product Development Manager8,161,442 COP
30.   Human Resources Executive Director8,115,763 COP
31.   Import and Export Manager8,077,923 COP
32.   Town Planner8,044,963 COP
33.   Media Relations Manager8,007,883 COP
34.   Quality Control Manager7,966,542 COP
35.   Shopping Center Manager7,925,735 COP
36.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager7,889,924 COP
37.   General Counsel7,852,099 COP
38.   Human Resources Manager7,794,258 COP
39.   Chief Technology Officer7,763,521 COP
40.   Bioinformatics Scientist7,730,213 COP
41.   Rehabilitation Services Manager7,688,200 COP
42.   Head of Development7,652,266 COP
43.   Chief Information Security Officer7,604,818 COP
44.   Professor - Business Administration7,572,080 COP
45.   Portfolio Analyst 7,545,488 COP
46.   Staff Attorney7,498,782 COP
47.   Technical Manager7,463,129 COP
48.   Foreign Exchange Manager7,435,166 COP
49.   Community Development Manager7,396,459 COP
50.   Director of Revenue Management7,355,040 COP
51.   Media Product Development Manager7,287,643 COP
52.   Equity Analyst7,255,834 COP
53.   Six Sigma Black Belt7,214,289 COP
54.   Commercial Manager7,136,186 COP
55.   Head of Retail Design Management7,102,891 COP
56.   Duty Manager7,081,637 COP
57.   Event Marketing7,038,593 COP
58.   Loan Quality Assurance Manager7,007,877 COP
59.   Aviation Safety Manager6,937,215 COP
60.   Bank Programme Manager6,922,732 COP
61.   R/D Director6,886,525 COP
62.   Validation Manager6,847,491 COP
63.   Training and Development Manager6,811,360 COP
64.   Assistant Manager6,776,027 COP
65.   Interface Design Manager6,754,432 COP
66.   Recreation Manager6,726,492 COP
67.   Restaurant General Manager6,680,009 COP
68.   Bank Auditing Manager6,662,535 COP
69.   Localization Manager6,649,406 COP
70.   Mortgage Processing Manager6,629,714 COP
71.   Veterinary Office Manager6,622,146 COP
72.   Bank Accounts Manager6,602,858 COP
73.   Gas Supply Manager6,585,862 COP
74.   Practice Manager6,570,849 COP
75.   Labor Relations Manager6,551,689 COP
76.   Recruitment Consultant6,532,801 COP
77.   Service Delivery Manager6,516,712 COP
78.   Drug Safety / Medical Information Specialist6,501,340 COP
79.   Director of Application Development6,471,902 COP
80.   Education Researcher6,438,200 COP
81.   Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Manager6,426,228 COP
82.   Mortgage Quality Assurance Manager6,398,195 COP
83.   Banking Operations Department Manager6,380,261 COP
84.   Engineering Project Manager6,370,797 COP
85.   Global Mobility Manager6,352,526 COP
86.   Human Resources Executive6,331,411 COP
87.   Construction Project Manager6,307,111 COP
88.   Laboratory Manager6,295,274 COP
89.   Campaign Manager6,285,529 COP
90.   Information Technology Project Leader6,262,718 COP

How much money does a person working in Colombia make?

5,485,232 COP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Colombia typically earns around 5,485,232 COP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Barranquilla5,644,783 COP
Bello5,212,511 COP
Bogota6,336,351 COP
Bucaramanga5,348,019 COP
Buenaventura5,075,078 COP
Cartagena5,598,403 COP
Cucuta5,551,913 COP
Ibague5,470,047 COP
Manizales4,964,768 COP
Medellin6,284,745 COP
Monteria5,107,373 COP
Neiva4,906,835 COP
Pereira5,091,198 COP
Santa Marta5,254,159 COP
Soacha5,457,118 COP
Soledad5,551,528 COP
Valledupar5,202,993 COP
Villavicencio5,345,598 COP
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