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Best Paying Jobs Colombia

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Vice President29,500,000 COP
2.   HRIS Manager18,800,000 COP
3.   Mechanical Engineer18,000,000 COP
4.   Oil and Petrochemical Engineer15,300,000 COP
5.   Loan Area Manager11,000,000 COP
6.   Account Manager10,000,000 COP
7.   Managing Director10,000,000 COP
8.   Director of Operations10,000,000 COP
9.   Sales Engineer10,000,000 COP
10.   Corporate Treasurers10,000,000 COP
11.   Financial Manager9,433,333 COP
12.   Mine Engineer9,100,000 COP
13.   IT Manager9,000,000 COP
14.   Project Manager8,400,000 COP
15.   Area Director8,000,000 COP
16.   Computer Teacher8,000,000 COP
17.   Media Program Director8,000,000 COP
18.   Process Engineer7,650,000 COP
19.   Management Consultant7,583,333 COP
20.   Enterprise Infrastructure Manager7,000,000 COP
21.   Senior Technical Support Engineer7,000,000 COP
22.   Software Engineer7,000,000 COP
23.   Sales Engineer6,100,000 COP
24.   Sales Representative5,700,000 COP
25.   Telecommunications Engineer5,600,000 COP
26.   Legal Advisor5,400,000 COP
27.   Production Manager5,000,000 COP
28.   Air Traffic Controllers5,000,000 COP
29.   Civil Engineer5,000,000 COP
30.   Deputy General Manager4,950,000 COP
31.   Cash Management Manager4,500,000 COP
32.   Business Analyst4,200,000 COP
33.   3D Artist4,000,000 COP
34.   Engineer4,000,000 COP
35.   Business Intelligence Analyst4,000,000 COP
36.   Assistant to CEO3,600,000 COP
37.   Human Resources Manager3,600,000 COP
38.   Accounting Manager3,600,000 COP
39.   Electrical Engineering Manager3,500,000 COP
40.   Senior Oracle Developer3,500,000 COP
41.   Java Developer3,500,000 COP
42.   Marketing Analyst3,500,000 COP
43.   Digital Marketing Strategist 3,000,000 COP
44.   Business Development3,000,000 COP
45.   Project Engineer2,600,000 COP
46.   Developer / Programmer (General)2,600,000 COP
47.   Geologist2,500,000 COP
48.   Logistics Coordinator2,500,000 COP
49.   Import Customs Specialist2,400,000 COP
50.   Telecommunications Analyst2,100,000 COP
51.   Business Analyst2,000,000 COP
52.   Sales Manager2,000,000 COP
53.   Professor - English1,000,000 COP
54.   Business Analyst1,000,000 COP
55.   Secretary ( Management Support )1,000,000 COP
56.   Pilot750,000 COP
57.   Construction Estimator700,000 COP
58.   General Laborer350,000 COP
59.   Financial Analyst280,000 COP

How much money does a person working in Colombia make?

6,116,354 COP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Colombia typically earns around 6,116,354 COP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

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