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Best Paying Jobs in Egypt

Job TitleAverage Monthly Salary
1.   Dermatologist39,488 EGP
2.   Surgeon - Trauma33,713 EGP
3.   Endodontist32,064 EGP
4.   Physician - Hematology / Oncology29,730 EGP
5.   Forensic Pathologist28,366 EGP
6.   Doctor26,366 EGP
7.   Dentist25,355 EGP
8.   Operating Room Services Director24,314 EGP
9.   Psychometrician23,144 EGP
10.   Financial Manager21,612 EGP
11.   Financial Manager20,830 EGP
12.   Managing Director19,919 EGP
13.   Chief Corporate Officer19,272 EGP
14.   Legal Services Director18,865 EGP
15.   Director of Business Development18,532 EGP
16.   Vision Rehabilitation Therapist18,263 EGP
17.   Marketing Director18,162 EGP
18.   Deputy CFO17,893 EGP
19.   Finance Executive17,771 EGP
20.   Head of Strategy17,578 EGP
21.   Project Control Manager17,427 EGP
22.   Information Technology Manager17,223 EGP
23.   Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer17,067 EGP
24.   Global Master Data Manager16,953 EGP
25.   Biomedical Scientist16,859 EGP
26.   National Human Resource Manager16,794 EGP
27.   Marketing and Business Development Manager16,729 EGP
28.   Director of Product Management16,655 EGP
29.   Professor - Sociology16,577 EGP
30.   Chief Product Officer16,480 EGP
31.   Portfolio Manager16,397 EGP
32.   Human Resources Manager16,280 EGP
33.   Brand Ambassador16,209 EGP
34.   Economics Lecturer16,094 EGP
35.   Professor - English16,031 EGP
36.   Director of Communications15,969 EGP
37.   Head of Human Resources15,907 EGP
38.   Natural Sciences Manager15,831 EGP
39.   Cash Management Manager15,753 EGP
40.   Government Property Inspector15,689 EGP
41.   Chief Technologist15,624 EGP
42.   Academic Clinician15,560 EGP
43.   Auditing Insurance Manager15,495 EGP
44.   Foreign Exchange Manager15,431 EGP
45.   Government Affairs Representative15,395 EGP
46.   Head of Supply Chain15,276 EGP
47.   Professor - Industrial Engineering15,172 EGP
48.   Aviation Safety Manager15,149 EGP
49.   Cards Marketing Manager15,091 EGP
50.   Professor - Rehabilitation15,038 EGP
51.   Head of Communications14,946 EGP
52.   Conservation Scientist14,859 EGP
53.   Product Manager14,782 EGP
54.   Head of Retail14,704 EGP
55.   ATM Manager14,647 EGP
56.   General Manager14,573 EGP
57.   Commercial Sales Manager14,502 EGP
58.   National Customer Solution Specialist14,442 EGP
59.   Mathematician14,323 EGP
60.   Professor - Social Work14,237 EGP
61.   Insurance Manager14,144 EGP
62.   Talent Acquisition Manager14,106 EGP
63.   Service Level Manager14,048 EGP
64.   Real Estate Project Manager13,999 EGP
65.   DNA Analyst13,943 EGP
66.   Product Development13,886 EGP
67.   Head of Retail Design Management13,778 EGP
68.   Advertising Manager13,732 EGP
69.   Banking Product Manager13,686 EGP
70.   Operational Excellence General Manager13,609 EGP
71.   Associate Producer13,556 EGP
72.   Insurance Sales Director13,503 EGP
73.   Export Logistics Manager13,435 EGP
74.   District Sales Manager13,373 EGP
75.   Regional Restaurant Manager13,299 EGP
76.   Budget Manager13,244 EGP
77.   Retail Operations Manager13,207 EGP
78.   Export Services Manager13,175 EGP
79.   Construction Project Manager13,141 EGP
80.   Labor Relations Manager13,116 EGP
81.   Restaurant Manager13,090 EGP
82.   Business Operations Specialist13,053 EGP
83.   Warehouse Executive13,002 EGP
84.   Patient Safety Manager12,967 EGP
85.   Fashion Design Manager12,936 EGP
86.   Assistant Information Technology Manager12,900 EGP
87.   Anthropologist12,883 EGP
88.   E-Commerce Manager12,849 EGP
89.   Gas Supply Manager12,814 EGP
90.   Information Technology Asset Manager12,781 EGP
91.   Trainer12,742 EGP
92.   Energy Auditor12,726 EGP
93.   Regional Manager12,693 EGP
94.   Bankruptcy Coordinator12,646 EGP
95.   Internal Sales Manager12,627 EGP
96.   Casino Shift Manager12,601 EGP
97.   Sales Manager12,587 EGP
98.   Labor Relations Director12,576 EGP
99.   Actuarial Analyst12,524 EGP
100.   Product and Brand Manager12,500 EGP

How much money does a person working in Egypt make?

11,158 EGP per month
Average Monthly Salary
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A person working in Egypt typically earns around 11,158 EGP per month.
This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.
Salaries differ drasticly between different jobs. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Salary Comparison By City

CityAverage Salary
Alexandria10,780 EGP
Cairo11,862 EGP
Sharm el-Sheikh10,171 EGP
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